I’m so vain, I think this webpage is about me. Well, that’s not entirely.. accurate. I’m a forty-something, happily divorced, overweight male living with my ghosts and demons somewhere in the bowels of north Texas. I’m an Internet enthusiast, aspiring comedic writer who suffers from an inability to be funny on cue, and in my spare time I work for a living. I enjoy television shows but not television, cinema but not the movie theater, food but not gourmet chefs, and in late March 2009 I had an operation on my umbilical hernia which has left me with a cute little scar around my belly button. WANNA SEE!?? *lifts up shirt*

Ongoing Projects I write on a variety of subjects. Gonna try to make some kinda sense out of them here. The Comedic Exemplary is a page where I collect my favorite jokes by some of the world’s best comedians both living and dead. Check back often as I add crap to this virtual toilet paper. Project Lotus is a short story that may or may not be finished when you read this. It’s a work in progress, and like most of my works in progress it’ll probably never be done to my satisfaction.


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