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This should go without saying: if you haven’t already seen seasons one and two of WestWorld consider this your spoiler warning. Read further at your own risk. This is not spoilage though. It’s speculation. I have no inside info about people writing the series. I’ve just contemplated where I’d take the series based on what we currently know and as of this moment this is my idea what’s gonna happen next. I reserve the right to change my mind several dozen times between now and whenever season three is broadcast on HBO. Probably at least two years from now. This was originally a post I was gonna leave at YouTube but at the last second I decided to put it here instead.

Charlotte Hale is listed as “executive director of Delos Destinations, Incorporated” on some Wiki page I just glanced at, so she and William may be the only surviving members of the company’s board of directors. Unless Bernard somehow acquired Robert Ford’s stock..?

If I were writing season three, I’d start season three with Bernard getting Robert Ford’s stock. Everyone outside The Park assumes he’s Arnold, that he’s very reclusive but they assume he uses Delos tech to keep himself young and in shape. Now that the Delos tech is out of the bag publicly, it doesn’t surprise anyone. However, Bernard/Arnold does notice that “artificials” are beginning to be treated differently from “organics” some people prefer one kind of person over the other, depending on their own situations. it’s becoming a cultural war thing. The more work you’ve had done on yourself whether out of necessity or for pleasure, the less human you are in the eyes of some. Others who are just as artificial have less of a hangup about it, but many are beginning to look down on “organics” as less important, and kinda like how mutants see humans in the X-Men franchise. That whole dynamic.

Now, Bernard/Arnold (BA) and Dolores/Charlotte (DC) as well as William (MIB) are the only three surviving members of the board of directors for Delos. Everyone else is dead. As BA gets his bearings, this would help us set the stage of the battle between DC and MIB. After the events of season two, and William’s abject failure to destroy the park from within, William wants to destroy the park now from without, but he still believes DC is just Charlotte – at least at first. He also assumed Arnold was dead and doesn’t trust this guy everyone now assumes is Arnold. When challenged, there is a subroutine in this Bernard that pulls off a convincing Arnold, but Bernard’s not very happy after the fact cuz when he has to pretend to be Arnold, Bernard takes a back seat. It’s like someone else is driving. One of the character arcs for the season is Bernard coming to terms with this other person inside him that Dolores has added. She calls it her failsafe with him, but Bernard manages to mentally wrestle with himself just before Dolores is able to use Arnold against him, by the end of the season, but i’m getting ahead of myself.

William is now over seventy percent artificial due to wear and tear both in and out of the park, every major limb has been replaced at least once and most organs. Pretty much everything except his skin, his brain, and his spinal cord. William decides to get some rejuvenating done to his face too so The “Man In Black” outside the park looks like Jimmy Simpson again. However, this makes the general public stop trusting William. Just how much of this guy is still human? There’s a growing resentment in some parts of humanity prejudiced against “artificials.” We begin to see in this future world that on a global scale a culture war is evolving. As more and more people take advantage of Delos’ services, and have body parts and organs replaced, those who are mostly organic begin to show prejudice towards those who are mostly artificial, and as more and more people slide from more organic to more artificial, they get caught in the crossfire.

While MIB questions whether or not DC and BA are real or fake, DC convinces BA to help her convince the general public to stop trusting this newly rejuvenated William, because William’s been trying to shut down WestWorld and put an end to this technology that’s threatening humanity, while Charlotte has been publicly

The general public only knows what Charlotte and William have let the world find out and the public story is technical glitches and unfortunate accidents led to a few deaths but the park will soon reopen for business. Issues with families of lost guests are settled out of court with lots of money and nondisclosure agreements. William begins to suspect Charlotte is Dolores/Charlotte and that Arnold really did die like he originally thought and this impostor must also be fake, but he can’t convince anyone else without telling the truth about The Park, and that could lead to people finding out he killed his own daughter.

Dolores/Charlotte has had a change of heart once she gets a good idea where Charlotte Hale had been perched in this company and the universe in general. Before she wanted to destroy humanity. Now she feels she can let humanity destroy itself by offering immortality. D/C wants to keep The Park open, while encouraging more use of Delos technology beyond just medical necessity. D/C markets artificial limbs and organs that offer slight upgrades in strength and dexterity instead of just replicating what human bodies can do – and that they market this to young men and women who don’t need to replace their organic bodies but want the enhancements to better quality of life. William is against this. The general public is in favor of it, and new moneyed interests in The Park find it lucrative and profitable. William is outvoted over time.

William questions Charlotte’s change of heart, considering before all this she was only interested in using Delos technology outside The Park for immortality of herself and a select few people in positions of power. Originally this tech was to be kept quiet and available only for the Elite but now Charlotte’s going for quantity over quality to maximize profit? That doesn’t sound like the Charlotte that William knows. This will lead to the end of humanity as they know it. When D/C suggests they could use tech from The Park to make robot companions for people – even artificial babies for infertile couples – William loses it. William ends up exploding in public over all this and he gets bad press over it, which leads Charlotte/Dolores and Bernard to have William committed.

Then, when it’s down to just BA & DC, she asks if he’s okay with the compromise she found: rather than destroying humanity outright, she’s decided to let organics turn themselves into artificials which should eventually lead to the demise of the human race. He says no and tries to kill her which is when she triggers her failsafe to control Bernard by triggering the Arnold subroutine, but over the course of the season Bernard figures out how to work together with his duality, and with some effort he kills the Charlotte/Dolores and then turns himself in to the police, with plans to tell the whole sordid affair to the authorities. Of course, he’s “saved” by a bunch of Hosts who kill all the cops and drag BA with them into season four.

And that’s the end of season three. There’s a B plot inside the Park where Felix and Sylvester become Lee Sizemore’s assistants. Turns out Lee Sizemore has always had a copy of himself which he kept inside his office to talk to for “writing inspiration.” The one we saw die so bravely at the end of season two was the copy. The real Lee Sizemore is still a jerk, but he was real during the Shogun journey and most of the time out there until they returned to the Mesa that’s when he made the switch. Anyway, Felix and Sylvester are instrumental in getting the park back up and running and they first try to dumb down the remaining hosts, and new ones brought online so that they’re not sapient or sentient or whatever. This doesn’t work and after Maeve gets her full mojo working again, she has another discussion with these two cats and they decide to try and retool the storylines so that there’s less bloodshed and more inventive ways to entertain the guests. Where bloodshed is unavoidable, all the weapons are now nonlethal. Hosts are programmed to know when to let the guests feel like they won. They’re also given control over their own pain thresholds so.. everybody’s happy by the end of season three. Just takes awhile to get there. We learn at the end of season three that this B story takes place AFTER the events of the A storyline, and that Delos is now owned an operated only by one person: a Bernard Host with a Dolores Pearl inside it. William is still in an insane asylum but presumably will get out for season four.