This is never gonna happen probably, but a comfort in the Many Worlds Theory of quantum mechanics is that there are perhaps universes in the omniverse in which this has already happened.


If I had more money than brains and could head up the re-imagining of the BioShock franchise, I’d establish that all the other games exist in alternate temporal realities, but what’s past is prologue. There’s multiple infinities of them (as many iterations as there have been people playing them to an Nth degree) but they are all coalescing into a near future now. I’d want the game to feel like it could be happening here and now, but have all the bells and whistles of previous installments of this franchise, set in a more realistic environment that feels like 21st century America gone mad.

You’re one person of a couple in love (at start of game you get to decide your gender and whether you’re in a straight or gay relationship, as it would have bearing later on) who just recently moved to a light house. You just recently moved here. You’re thinking about getting married soon. It’s very idyllic on the surface but there’s something wrong with your relationship. Just when the two of you are maybe going to talk about what’s wrong between you, pirate ninjas show up in a flying ship and take your loved one away. Before their apparent leader leaves you bleeding and gasping for life, he says “There’s always a light house. There’s always a man (or a woman) and there’s always a city. Make of that what you will.” Then he walks off, setting the light house on fire as he goes, and you lose consciousness.

You wake up in what looks like it used to be a hospital, but it’s abandoned now and apparently there was a war while you were in a coma. You are bandaged from head to toe, presumably you suffered burns and may be scarred but you feel well. You look in a mirror but can’t see your face. Out the window you see smoke and devastation and madness. Also in the far distance is your lighthouse, which seems to be none the worse for wear, considering everything around it. However, it was burning when last you left it. When you and your loved one moved to the light house, there wasn’t a big city for over fifty miles. The two of you moved to the lighthouse to get away from the city, and now you’re trapped in the middle of one with no idea how you got here or now much time has passed or anything. Something has literally changed the geography. Inside the abandoned hospital, along with medicines and conventional weapons in places where there shouldn’t be, your character discovers an updated souped up version of plasmids.

As you traverse along what appears to be an abandoned DMZ the size of Manhattan island, if you turn a corner or walk through any door, sometimes the world changes around you. Sometimes it’s desolate and other times depending on where you step, it’s very populated but peaceful and still other times it’s an active war zone. You can’t control when this happens. At least not yet. For now it’s a static part of the landscape, with fixed relatively stable points where if you backtrack you can return to the world you had been in before. You’re witness to what happens if someone goes through an unstable door, and the results are bloody. You learn how to detect when a door is about to shift.

You piece together what’s happened while you were away: a temporal disturbance has caused the world you once knew to be shifting in and out of multiple planes of reality. At least a half dozen – maybe more. You learn that some of these alternate realities are more dangerous than others, and one of them has pirates, while another one has ninjas. You’re given reason to believe your loved one is still out there somewhere, and you have to enter into these various alternate realities and learn how to manipulate the folds of space time to get your loved one back, but will s/he be the same loved one who was taken from you? Just how many of your loved one are there? Why are some of them more trustworthy than others? How many of you are there? Why are you suck a jerk to yourself? Are one of those yous responsible for all of this? Will you have to kill yourself to save the very fabric of space and time?

And who the F is Rosalind Lutesce and why was this hospital named after her? Why does she have the same last name that you do?