This is a copypaste from LetsLoop which I frequent. I wanted to put it here too, cuz it’s a bit out of the ordinary.

When the band called “BUSH” first came out with this song, it was called Speed Kills and even though it had just been released and was only just starting to get airplay on Clear Channel radio stations back in September of 2001, this song found itself on that list of questionable lyrics songs that almost got taken off the air out of respect for those who died on September 11th. The band renamed Speed Kills, to dedicate this song to The People That We Love. ​

​​I’m dedicating this loop to Dee and Jay. Their names have been changed to protect no one in particular. Back in 1998 I lost my dad. We used to argue with each other. What father and son doesn’t? We used to take turns ignoring each other. We also spent some great times together. Rather than try to make me whatever he wanted, he’d figure out what I might become and then he’d work with that. When I showed an interest in puppetry, he put on a clown outfit from his younger days and we started working birthday parties and weekend fairs together as entertainers. When he noticed my interest in computers he bought me my first one. ​We fought a lot but we loved each other a lot and we made people laugh a lot. Those were good times. I look back on them fondly, but when I first lost him, it hurt a lot more than it does now. Took a little getting used to. I still can’t eat a plate of biscuits and gravy, or a really spicy TexMex meal, without thinking of him. About twice a month I find myself thinking “y’know? Dad really woulda loved whatever it is I’m eating right now.” He loved his spicy food. and he loved his biscuits and gravy. I love my father. I miss him, but it’s been twenty years ago this October. The pain has subsided, but the empty is still there. I fill it with the memories now and then, but I’m sure you know how it is. We all have to deal with loss.

​I just learned a dear friend of over twenty years passed away a few days ago, leaving his family behind. I’ve watched him fight with his son. I’ve watched them build things together and make other people happy in their own ways. Sometimes they’d take turns ignoring each other. Sometimes they’d take turns hating each other, but they always managed to make it work. They knew the other guy loved him more than words can convey, even if their words and actions sometimes got in the way. ​
So this one’s for you Dee, even though Jay would probably enjoy this style of music more than you would. Thanks for keeping a roof over my head, and being there when it felt like no one else was. I’ll keep the faucets dripping every winter freeze, just like you asked. Thanks for the annual reminders, because we both know how forgetful I used to be. I don’t know if Jay will call to remind me, but who knows?
You raised a good kid. Rest in beautiful noise, my friend.