Once again a quick post I wanted to put elsewhere on the Web got a little long and I decided instead to put it here. ComicBookGirl19 had an “ask me anything” session with her fans and that led to discussion about LSD and she said some insightful, interesting stuff, but I felt maybe some of her fans would misunderstand it as encouragement to drop acid and maybe she could have added a disclaimer? Then I was like fuck that. Human civilization should be mature enough by now to let people do drugs safely and maturely without putting warning labels on everything. But we’re not. And why are we not? Cuz public education is pathetic. Really. So anyway the diatribe that follows probably doesn’t belong anywhere – certainly not under CBG19s banner, so I’m putting it here instead. I doubt it will do anybody any good, but oh well.

RE the LSD question: I would hasten to add if you’re under 18 or otherwise under the roof of your parents cuz you can’t afford your own place yet or whatever your situation is, if you need parental consent, just wait until you’re an adult on your own and can make your own decisions without dragging legal guardians into your life choices. When you’re on your own, do what you want. What follows is advice for people who want their first time on LSD to be as perfect as ..well nothing’s guaranteed perfect but if you don’t think you need this advice by all means skip. This is for people who don’t have a problem with suggestions before embarking on a unique adventure that no one else will fully understand by others who have already gone there.

This is not an admission to my ever having done acid by the way.

Your Mileage May Vary. I don’t recommend doing acid, but if you do, there’s things to consider ahead of time to maximize your joy and minimize no joy. I’m not a licensed anything and you should take all this with a grain of salt. I know nothing. You can do the exact opposite of everything I’m about to partake and probably have an excellent time. I just strongly feel recreational drug use should NEVER lead to hospitalization and if people just were properly educated and planned ahead of time, and if our entire society were geared more towards allowing this sort of thing instead of shunning it, we could save lives. So that’s my goal here, in my own small way.

Before dosing, make sure you’re in a safe place, preferably with people you trust. I don’t recommend being alone your first time. Works for some people, but I don’t recommend it. I would say you should only be inside your first time but you’re gonna wanna go outside. Well. YMMV.

Have a game plan before you dose if things go bad. Don’t fly without a net. Contemplate worst case scenarios so you and your friends are not blindsided, and actively seek to avoid the pitfalls. Prepare ahead of time, so you won’t have any worries during your time, and you can better guarantee an after. Have an experienced “designated driver” who is not partaking, and an experienced person who may or may not be partaking, who has done this before to help guide you. Except for your previously designated helper friends, you don’t have to tell everyone you’re high. Most people won’t notice. Those who do usually won’t care. You may want to share what’s happening to you with everybody. You can’t. Chill. Feel sad for them if you want, but chill.

Drink water before, during and after. Especially if you’re doing this outside be it in a desert or a forest – hydration is very important. Have munchies on hand so you don’t have to go shopping after you dose. Don’t mix your drugs. I don’t recommend alcohol with LSD for example cuz depressants with psychedelics can for some people lead to a bad trip. Some people can do that but if it’s your first time, just do the acid on its own so other chemicals aren’t messing with you. Then after you know your own body chemistry better, next time maybe experiment with mixing stuff.

Have some bubble wrap handy. For popping. Or you know. Just something simple to do with your fingers. Not a Rubik’s cube. Something simple. Although.. After you’re experienced, try a Rubik’s cube and let me know.

Also very important – Everyone’s body is different. If your buddy dropped ten in one night on his first trip and he had a great time, that doesn’t mean you can do that too. Also your buddy’s probably lying. Size, weight, diet, metabolism, genetics, even blood type can be factors as to why something worked for someone else but didn’t work for you. Knowledge is power. Read up on what you’re about to put into yourself. Understand that acid is not pure LSD. It’s usually laced with other stuff. Be aware what’s going into you cuz you are what you partake in. I mean it becomes you. I know it feels like spiritual awareness but what’s happening is a chemical imbalance and there’s scientific explanations. Knowledge can keep you grounded as you explore the cosmos inside your head.

What you actually experience differs for everybody. No one can prepare for that part, but a few simple precautions ahead of time can cushion the experience and minimize bad things interrupting your fun. Oh. One last thing. Try to time it so you get to briefly watch a sunset or a sunrise. With a friend. Holding hands or hugging is optional but.. We’re always big and small at the same time. All the time. Even when not on psychedelics.

Be safe. Have fun. Salud.