Once again I’m going to post here on my WordPress blog a YouTube comment that got too long for me to post over at YouTube. This time it’s in response to a video of John Green asking his brother Hank Green questions and I decided I was gonna answer the same questions for no reason other than it seemed entertaining at the time. As I progressed through composing this I realized it was rather forward of me to pretend to be Hank and John’s other brother. That’s what it kinda felt like about halfway through and I was like maybe I shouldn’t be doing this but then I Didn’t Forget To Be Awesome (DFTBA) and decided to do it anyway. You Only Live Once (YOLO) and What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) etc etc. ad infinitum. Okay first I’ll put the video below so you can see it too, and then I’ll copy paste my long winded response which I’ll either truncate to fit, or I’ll just post this link or maybe I won’t do anything over there I dunno.


Ooh what fun! I wanna play, too!

1. How do I feel about people commenting ‘first’ in YouTube Comments? I never understand how people know! I mean I never notice. There are ALWAYS other comments before I get to comment. If I ever noticed I was first, by the time I got done composing my comment I wouldn’t be first anymore. I’m rather long winded. As you may have noticed by now.

2. First movie that made me cry was the animated Charlotte’s Web, cuz I went with neighbors without asking for parental permission and as the film was ending I started feeling guilty. I knew when I got home I was gonna get yelled at by my sisters cuz they wanted to see it too. I was like less than five years old. Also (spoilers) the end with all the baby spiders freaked me the heck out!

3. My best first aid tip is to apply direct pressure (wrote this before hearing their answers cuz I hit pause too quick), and clean the wound to keep it from getting infected. I use hydrogen peroxide cuz I like how the bubbling tells you it’s working. Oh, and scars look cool. On other people.

4. First book I fell in love with was probably Encyclopedia Brown. Or maybe Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine. Or maybe the Toothpaste Millionaire. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? I can’t remember which one I read first. I was really into scholastic juvenile fiction when I was a kid. Spent many summers at the library. Not so much anymore. My sisters read “Little Big Books” to me a lot when I was very little, but I didn’t fall in love with those books. Gus Is A Bug mighta been one of the ones my sisters read to me. I also strongly recommend Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. For children of all ages. Such a heartwarming and mind warping book. I may still be in love with that one. I’m with Hank on Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park Lost World. So much to love there. I imagined Jeff Goldblum paired up with Sigourney Weaver. Was so disappointed when they cast Juliette Moore. At least the High Hide stayed in the film version. Not much else did though. Oh, and Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is my most favorite book ever. Close second is Gene Kranz’ Failure Is Not An Option cuz it’s an auto-biography and a history book that reads like science fiction only it really happened. Kranz isn’t the best writer in the world, but reading the book is like sitting down and having a beer with him while he tells you about doing the go no go thing at NASA. Such an enjoyable read.. where were we?

5. I don’t recall ever breaking a bone (knock on wood) but I remember running around the house chasing after one of my sisters trying to hit her and instead I hit a door frame really hard and we thought I broke my hand. Turns out I just sprained a finger and wrenched my wrist but it hurt a lot and my sister spent the rest of the afternoon making a makeshift splint out of popsicle sticks and duct tape and fixing my hand and we forgot why we were so upset with each other. And yes I learned a valuable lesson: aim better next time.

6. First concert: Must have been Miami Sound Machine with Gloria Estefan at the Music Mill Theater in Six Flags Over Texas when I was a preteen. My dad got us backstage and I met Ms. Estefan and shook her hand. She’s so small up close. I thought I was short for my age but I remember being a little taller than her. She looked so fragile and adorably perfect in every way but she also looked tired and my dad wouldn’t stop talking. She was very gracious and kind but had just been singing for two hours and my dad could talk paint off a house!

7. First time I saw snow fall I was three years old and lived in south Texas. It didn’t snow down there really even in the winter, and I remember everybody freaking out like it was a big deal. I was like so what the sky is falling big deal. I remember thinking snow was just pieces of cloud up close, which is technically true but not the way I thought at the time. We made tiny snowmen (cuz it wasn’t enough snow to make one big snowman) and posed with them for my dad’s fancy new polaroid camera which was a really big deal in 1972. Recently I saw Life is Strange which features an insta-matic kinda camera like what my Dad had and I was like man am I old now.

8. ..how does one look up their first tweet? Not to brag but I have over 100K tweets by now I can’t exactly just scroll back a bit.. (one Google search later) oh cool! There’s a thing! You can do a web search for your own first tweet! That’s handy. I’ll put a copy of my first tweet at the end of this long drawn out silly thing. Hopefully John’s about to run out of questions. For those who can’t see images, my first tweet was on September 16th 2008 just before midnight, and it reads: “I’m not sure if I like the idea of people knowing what I’m doing every waking moment.” Well I got over that fast, didn’t I?

9. The last time I did something for the first time was just now when I ran a search for my first tweet. Don’t recall doing that ever before. Certainly not the way I just did it, cuz I didn’t know I could. Every time you learn something new, you just did something for the first time.

Okay that’s it! DFTBA!