What follows was a series of tweets I posted earlier today. I post a lot of stream of consciousness over there that sometimes makes sense when read together. Each tweet is supposed to stand alone, but occasionally I go off on a rant. Here’s an example. I wanted to save it somewhere in one piece. Even though all 235 thousand of my tweets are presumably saved in Twitter’s servers somewhere, who is ever going to trudge through all that to find anything remotely interesting? I doubt I will. I liked this little bit of spooge though, so I’m putting here for posterity, if not prosperity.

Anyway. Here is the tweet storm from my noggin, formatted as if it were one thought. I could probably elaborate further on each point, but that would kinda defeat the purpose of this, would it not?

Prosperity evangelicals would rather serve under a rich old fat greedy pussy grabbing malcontent male than let a woman lead them. If prosperity evangelicals let a rational responsible intelligent woman lead, it means their belief system is inferior. They can’t accept it. This is the problem with voting for the lesser of evils. You still get evil. Voting against someone isn’t voting for anything. Just imagine you’re a racist prick thru Obama’s admin. They musta been walking around feeling like their skin was crawling all the time. There’s more closet sexists in our society than closet racists. Ppl OK w/women so long as they know their place. They make my skin crawl. I’ve tried the feminist moniker. I don’t like it. I’m matriarchal. I think women should run everything. Men have done enough damage already. Besides, put women up on pedestals, it’s easier to look up their dresses. I still reserve the right to see women as sex objects. If a woman goes to war, it’s after exhausting all other options. If a man goes to war, it’s cuz he needs to prove he’s got the biggest dick. A real man knows size doesn’t matter so long as you know what to do with it. Most men who want power don’t know what to do when they get it. A woman knows exactly what to do when she gets power: get shit done. Margaret Thatcher comes to mind. I hated her, but she got shit done. Too many currently in power don’t want things to be fixed to help everybody. They can’t figure out how to profit from nobody suffering. The last thing ppl currently in power want is for women to rise up and show how it’s done. They don’t want to fix what to them ain’t broke. One percent of the population controls Ninety-nine percent of the wealth and power. That’s not a problem to those already in that one percent, and they control everything.

How many women are currently in that one percent? How many men?

I rest my case.