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Recently posted this elsewhere. Getting deja vu, but I wanted to put this here for future reference. Something tells me I should look at the archives of this place. I will probably find I’ve done something like this before, but I’m too lazy to do that. I put slices of brain here for later. Someday I may revisit them. Until then, here’s this:

[Rumors once again surfacing, discussing the possibility that FOX wants to work with Joss Whedon to bring back Firefly, a TV series which was treated poorly by the network and cancelled before its time. This was long before Joss Whedon’s success in the motion picture industry with the Avengers movies. He can basically do anything he wants now, and the odds he’ll ever revisit the universe he made for Firefly and Serenity is doubtful. However, I can’t resist dreaming about the possibilities. If’n I were Joss Whedon, this is what I’d do.]

Nathan Fillion should be available. If Joss Whedon has the heart to try, I know what must be done. We don’t need Firefly rebooted. We need the story to continue as something that echoes the past but ventures forward in a new and daring way. I know what we need.

The answer is Shadoe

It’s thirty years later. The crew we know has either abandoned Mal Reynolds or died. Well. He thinks they’re dead. They’re dead to him. The people he knows today do not call him Captain. If anyone calls him Captain, he’d give em a look that could kill and occasionally shoots them.

What’s left of Serenity is sitting in the middle of a field rusting like an old pickup truck back on The Earth That Was. Mal Reynolds refers to it as The Guest House, and it’s become home for a group of young locals that he tolerates out of necessity. She will never fly again. Only one person could do that, and she got married and run off with a doctor. Good riddance to em both.

Mal learned against his will that he was heir to the ranch what raised him up. His mother owned it before the war. He thought it was lost during the war cuz of Alliance gobbledegook which is why he enlisted against them in the first place, but when she died while Mal was flying Serenity, she left it to him in her will, and after many years of paperwork and bureaucratic idiocy, the land fell back into his hands. This was what he had been running away from all this time. He never wanted to end up like his mother – tethered to a moon farm and unable to see the rest of the universe, but after having seen the rest of the universe, it wore him out.

Mal just wants to be left alone now. He has some cattle. He keeps some crops circulating. It’s mostly automated but there’s a few farmhands helping him out. Some of em use The Guest House. There used to be a sprawling and anxious community on this moon before the war but everyone he knew joined the effort for one side or the other. Mal’s mother didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to stay and help her with the farm. Naturally, he left. Then he lost the war. Then he got Serenity. We know the rest of that story.

Shadoe was what he had been running from all this time. And now he’s back. He’s been back for awhile now. There’s ghosts here on Shadoe, but he’s coming to terms with them. He’s finally found a place where he belongs, even if he doesn’t like being tethered. He’s run out of gas, in so many ways.

The community on Shadoe has changed, but in some ways it’s still the same. Mal’s a kinda big fish in this small pond. Stories have been told about him. Some of them are true. The people of Shadoe want him to run for public office. He wants nothing to do with it. Again. He just wants to come and go in peace. Till his soil. Stare at the occasional cow and be reminded of something he once heard a young girl say: “They forgot they were cows but then they saw the sky again, and remember who they are.”

He wants to be let be. However, things begin to happen to upset that peace on his little corner of the universe. One or more “old friends” come back out of nowhere asking him to face The Black once again and his answer is a solid no, which of course they refuse to accept. Then Mal learns that the person who is gonna become the leader of Shadoe unopposed is someone he can’t bare to see in the role. A man Mal thought was dead. A man who wears silly hats and has been both friend and foe and already has cities named for him elsewhere in the worlds, and now he’s come here. Dammit Jayne, and me fresh outta airlocks.

In “Firefly” Mal seemed to find trouble wherever he flew. In “Shadoe,” the trouble is coming home to roost, and Mal has nowhere else to run. He’s gonna die here. The aim was to die here of old age and be laid to rest next to his mother. This will be his last stand, if he has to kill the rest of the worlds to do it. However, The Black has other plans for him, and The Blue isn’t far behind.