This originally started over at Let’s Loop but it got rather long and stopped being about the music so I thought better of it and put it over here instead.

Continuing my morbid obsession with the final hours of Christina Grimmie‘s life. For the record I didn’t consider myself a big fan of Grimmie prior to her death. There’s a short list of people I’ve personally enjoyed who were on the TV series “The Voice” the past several years. Grimmie didn’t make my short list, but if I had ever made a long list yes she would have been included. I’ve probably mentioned other Voice alums in previous blog posts. Won’t dwell on the short list here. They can’t all be Kelly Clarkson or LeAnn Rimes, but it’s always nice to see someone from a talent show achieve more than temporary stardom. Grimmie had the singular distinction of being picked by producers of the show to come back and do some color commentary and fashion pieces on The Voice after she won third place in 2014. That’s significant. I can’t recall any other talent on this series ever being given a similar opportunity. Grimmie was a hustler and a dream chaser. She has a fanbase and she was working hard to build her name and make something of herself. That compounds the tragedy. We can only speculate now on whether she’d fade into obscurity with most other contestants on talent shows, or if someday we’d know her for more than The Voice.

I find some words in the song When I’m Gone by Before You Exit kinda coincidentally eerie in light of recent events. This is a song by the band that shared the stage with Christina Grimmie two nights ago. Her final performance, they performed too. They appear to be good Christian people and so was Grimmie. More power to them. I’m sure the families affected directly by this tragedy find belief in their god brings them solace. I have no interest here to rain on that parade. That’s SO not my intent, but at the same time I’m looking for something more substantial than sky daddies. I need a better answer than “it was her time” or “she’s with her god now.” Whatever beliefs you have, I’m not interested in converting you to atheism. That’s not how atheism works. This is just where I’m coming from. Far as I can tell, Christina Grimmie was a god fearing woman, who surrounded herself with like minded individuals and that’s natural. Or whatever. It’s what worked for her up until.. well whatever.

A day after Christina Grimmie died, there was another Florida shooting. Scores of other people were shot in a gay nightclub in the same city of Orlando Florida, which makes the unrelated death of Christina Grimmie less of an important news item. Same city. Less than 24 hours apart. Over twenty dead. Twice as many injured. No connection beyond the city. I don’t even know if Christina Grimmie had ever been inside a gay night club. Totally different crowds. I don’t even know if gay people listen to Christina Grimmie. I’m sure some of them probably do. Well. I honestly.. Some gay people like The Voice, so perhaps there’s a Venn diagram one could hammer out. I’m not gay. I don’t know.

Two different shooters. The one who killed Grimmie appears to have been a deranged fan. An eyewitness reported Grimmie welcomed her assailant with open arms seconds before he shot her. She was greeting fans after a concert. Signing autographs. Having a good time. Making people smile. Doing what she loved to do. And he killed her in the middle of all of that. I don’t know the guy’s name. If I did I wouldn’t put it here. He doesn’t need to be remembered. She does.

Then a day later, some other loser opens fire on a night club. I don’t know his name either and I don’t care, but on Twitter someone indicated they think cuz the shooter’s name sounds middle eastern that must mean it’s an Islam thing. I would need more than that to jump to that conclusion, but he did kill gay people at a gay nightclub. I can’t think of nonreligious groups who are that incensed against homosexuality. His father reportedly says it was not due to religion. He just got mad cuz he saw men kissing. I used to be homophobic myself but when I stopped believing in the Christian god I realized there’s no rational reason to hate gay people or be frightened of homosexuality. It’s just people loving each other. Just cuz I don’t find men attractive, that doesn’t make it wrong. It certainly doesn’t make it evil. This is a cold and heartless universe, and love is a rare and precious thing, so why would anything be against the idea of two people finding one another in the chaos of this reality and connecting? I think that’s wonderful and should be encouraged. So what if they both have the same kind of genitalia? They can just adopt! There’s plenty of orphans out there. What possible benefit is there to making people hate love, or fear it? I’ve been told homosexuality is bad for society. How? Prove that to me! You know what’s bad for society? PEOPLE KILLING OTHER PEOPLE THAT’S WHAT. I wish I believed in a hell cuz that’s where I’d put people who kill other people in cold blood. People who live out their lives happy and in harmony with reality should not be gunned down by anybody. It’s not just sad. It’s ridiculously stupid.

What causes a person to kill others in cold blood? Has anyone ever done this over doubt? No. It’s always faith. Even if it’s not faith in a god or a devil or some other directly religious reason, it’s always a belief that what they are doing in that instant is from their subjective perception of reality, “right.” Belief is what pulls that trigger. Doubt would have stayed that hand. People believe faith is a virtue, but when you look at these two incidents and countless others, faith is not a virtue. It’s the reason why people die in cold blood, cuz some lunatic believed killing those people was a good idea.

I could be gunned down in cold blood tomorrow for living my life. Speaking my mind. Someone might not like how I’m living. Well, what you gonna do when I’m gone? Just put your headphones in and let the day pass by. Peace love and naked rabbits.