Before I begin, I recommend you see the films They Live and Soylent Green before reading this, otherwise you won’t get the “joke” for lack of a better word. I don’t describe these films in detail in the following ramble, but you might not get where I’m coming from if you’re unfamiliar with the references. Consider this a spoiler warning. I write the following on the presumption my audience is familiar with the endings of both films.

I haven’t composed a blog post here in WordPress in a while, and when I do it’s usually a bit of a downer, so I’ve observed over the past few months and maybe even years, my spurts of activity in here have become more widely spaced. There’s many reasons, but chief among them is the repetition. Do I really  have anything more to say than atheistic ramblings that are not going to change the world or even anyone’s minds? Can’t I think of anything more entertaining and enlightening than saying the same thing over and over again? Apparently not.

I look at current events and historical events and just everyday life. All around me since I realized my atheism in 2009 I see nothing but reminders of why this revelation of mine is important. Yet “importance” is subjective. I feel like Roddy Piper wearing the iconic glasses in They Live, or Charlton Heston at the end of Soylent Green. There’s this really big revelation that changes one’s worldview, and you want to tell everybody, and nobody cares. Nobody wants to know.

The Pope told entire countries that something imaginary about them is more important than their physical health. To protect our souls we must refrain from sinful behavior. He said to shun condoms and that led to widespread disease. Millions have died, having taken The Pope’s foolhardy and willfully ignorant advice. Yet the world goes on and humanity is largely indifferent. Sure, he gets criticized by people like me, but The Pope is still The Pope. The Church is still The Church. Millions still praise Christianity in the light of such utter horrors.

Priests have been caught fucking children for crying out loud, and this has been going on for centuries, but we are led to believe they’re just isolated incidents and not all priests are like this and the fact the Church has been and continues to cover it up is no big deal. They’re taking steps now to do something about it, so long as the spotlight continues to shine on them. It’s important only now after people have brought attention to it, and when the public eye turns away, they will return to what they’ve been doing for centuries. That’s what’s important to them. Fucking children. Rather than accept how their bodies function, and go try to have a functional sexual relationship with another adult, they’d rather deny their bodies the aforementioned “sinful behavior” to protect “souls” they can’t prove exist, which then leads them into the “temptation” of fucking children. Some of them. Not all of them. Most priests are okay just to avoid the sinful behavior and take up stamp collecting or they get a dog.

Every now and then tho, a priest would rather fuck children than have a responsible functional mutually beneficial relationship with another adult human being. That’s important to them. Somehow their immortal soul is still protected, and millions of other people seem okay with this, so long as it’s not their child. The truth is, if their god were truly an omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent god, this would never have happened in the first place. Yet millions continue to believe, in cosmic dissonance with the universe, because the comforting lie of Salvation is more important to them than facing reality as it is. There are moderate believers and extremist believers, and I’m told to believe just because extremists are there, that doesn’t mean the moderates are wrong. The opposite is true. The prevalence of even one wrongdoer, utilizing the free will their god allegedly granted them, is proof that this god has no divine plan and is not protecting his own creation. That’s not a benevolent god. If it existed at all, it would be a sadistic monster. Fortunately it’s not proven and we can presume until new evidence presents itself to the contrary, that Abraham’s god is just fiction. Yet billions today and billions throughout history have believed in a god despite lack of evidence, because they feel it more important to believe in a comforting lie than to face what they observe to be fact.

The fact that Christianity can be twisted in a way that harms some and protects elites is evident that if Abraham’s god existed, it is not benevolent. The only differences I can find between moderates and extremists are patience, and whether or not they are an immediate threat to themselves or others. When a Believer becomes impatient, and decides they have been charged to become a hand of their god and exact change with their own actions under direction of an imaginary being, that’s when they veer from moderate to extremist, and it doesn’t take much to turn one into the other. Moderates see themselves as bastions of their creed. I see them as unstable raw materials for a bomb that could go off any time under the right circumstances. If a con man knew the right combination of things to say and do to turn a moderate into an extremist, he’d have an army at his disposal – a dangerous thing to put in a con man’s hands.

From my perspective, Islam is even worse than Christianity, but only because today’s extremist muslims are as demonstrably violent in many parts of the world as extremist Christians used to be. There are more con men setting those bombs off at the moment. However, in some places even today there are Christians in positions of power using that power violently. They are just not as common as “The Islamic State” or al Qaeda or Boko Haram or whatever the popular parlance is today giving nomenclatures to these monsters hiding behind their Sharia Law and qurans. Not all muslims of course. Some. Most muslims are moderate and rather than be violent towards other humans they take up stamp collecting or they get a dog. 

Other moderate muslims insist these extremists do not represent “true” Islam, but what is true Islam if it’s not interpreting the quran as it is written? Islam IS the quran. Sharia Law comes from a direct interpretation of Islam scripture. You cannot separate the two, and I have read the quran. It’s filled with bloody descriptions and directives about an eternal doom that Allah decrees awaits anyone who does not bow to his words within it. We are told Islam is a religion of peace, but that’s not what is demonstrated, and that’s not what’s written.

I am wearing the glasses of Roddy Piper when I read Abrahamic texts. They order you to obey. They demand you let their power control you. Do not question authority. Fear the impending doom. Yet millions prefer to choose rose colored glasses when they read these same texts, and they do not care that those rose colored glasses are actually covered in blood. Throughout history, and perhaps even today as you read these words, untold millions of people have died in the name of Abraham’s god. Somewhere in this Earth right now there is a good chance a life is being lost over this argument as you read these words. Another life snuffed out to prove the one true god is real. This is madness. It’s sickening. It’s disgusting. Yet the world still turns. The sun still rises and sets. The universe itself looks on in indifference, and there will be no Judgment Day for these people. Whether my life is snuffed out by a militant Muslim or a militant Christian or if a piano drops on my head by accident, the universe doesn’t care one way or another. My life is not important. Humanity is not important. This planet is not important to a universe that is comprised of billions of galaxies containing billions of stars. The objective truth is too painful for most to even contemplate. It’s much more comforting for human beings to fight amongst ourselves and pretend what we fight over is important. This keeps us from realizing that Soylent Green is made of people. That our lives are only brief whisps of a wind. When we die, what physically comprised us will become food for worms which are then eaten by birds which are then eaten by something else. That ultimately we are just molecules moving around in a grand blender, and what we are today is not what we were thousands of years ago and won’t be what we’ll be thousands of years from now. There may be an atom rattling inside you that was once an atom of some great historical figure, or someone history has forgotten but who did something incredible. There’s no way to know. There are atoms in your left arm which came from a different exploded star from atoms in your right arm, billions of years ago. At the end of time this star dust of the universe will continue on, but our consciousness does not go with it, just as we do not recall the first 13.8 billions of years of this universe’s existence.

It’s a sad thought to some, but to others it’s a novel realization. We are the universe looking at itself. A sleeping giant stirring awake briefly before going back to bed. On the geologic time scale mankind as we know it has only been around for a blink of the universe’s eye. So nothing humanity has done or ever will do is important, and yet we must pretend otherwise for our own sake, because still have to exist for this brief moment of geologic time. We might as well keep ourselves entertained while we do it. I only ask we stop using bloodshed for that, and that we stop using this time to divide ourselves. Is that too much to ask? Well, apparently so.

Human blood sacrifice absolves no one of personal responsibility for their own actions. Faith is not a virtue. The universe doesn’t care what you believe. The true monsters we face are in our mirrors, when we turn upon each other. Not only can we not prove Abraham’s god, but science and common sense have proved many times over that the god described in Abrahamic texts is fiction. I feel these statements are important. I feel everyone should know these truths as readily as we know what comes up must come down, and energy equals mass times the speed of light, and yes evolution is a scientific theory but that means it’s an evident fact. This doesn’t magically turn science into another religion that you can choose to believe in. These are not beliefs. I’m not suggesting a new credo. These statements are true whether we believe in them or not.

That’s important.

Yet the world still spins. The sun still rises and sets. Humanity as a single organism continues lumbering on its own way flogging itself like some disturbing sadistic creature. And there’s nothing I can do about it. Soylent Green is made of people. Take another bite.