I just happened to notice I haven’t put up a blog post since last April. Granted, if I were to scan through this project I have probably had longer dry spells than that, but I felt today like posting something (I hope will be brief) that explains for my own edification why I haven’t been in here recently. One major reason perhaps is that I’ve been rather redundant. There’s a lot of atheist crap in here. A lot of me repeating myself about why Abrahamics is dead. I have noticed that despite my shouting at rooftops and tilting at windmills, that Abrahamics is not going anywhere. Even though I feel science has irrevocably proved the Judeo-Christian-Islamic god can’t possibly exist, billions of people still believe in it anyway. I’ve already said my piece. I can’t find a way to word it that magically makes the world a better place with an humanity that’s more rational and treats one another better. I’ve tried. I’ve repeatedly tried. People still believe in this insane concept of a god anyway, and they are still hurting each other. So like Pilate at the kangaroo court that was Jesus’ death, I wash my hands of it. Screw everybody.

So round about April, I kinda sorta promised myself I’d only come in here and post something if I could find something to talk about that wasn’t atheism. I think it might have even been before that, but often times I’d start on some other topic and as I went on that topic, I’d realize that yet again this just dovetails back into my opinions about subjective perception of reality and why mankind’s so delusional. Seems no matter what interests me, it goes back to that. And that no longer interests me. It’s a dead end. It’s more of a cul de sac actually, or a roundabout. Snake swallowing its own tail. Etc. It bores me. I’m tired of that beaten path.

Also, I spend a lot of time in Twitter nowadays and I have gotten really good at brevity. Many years ago I sucked at brevity. I’m still not great, but I’ve gotten really good. Better than I was before at least. I can still get long winded when I want to be long winded. Like now, I suppose.

Oh! And I play Marvel Heroes and other online games. I watch a lot of videos. I also have a “real life” outside of the Internet, even though unlike most people I actively avoid having much of a real life, it still happens whether I like it or not, and I’ve had to address that a lot in recent months. What else?

I’ve started playing Ingress, which is a game app from Niantic Labs which is part of Google. You can probably Google “Ingress” and learn more about it than I can explain here. To be blunt, it’s a game on my phone that makes me actually get out of my house and go outside to play. This is both frustrating and glorious. I’m sore. There is not a part of me right now that’s not sore. I just got back from doing that for several hours today. I had a chance to go to a zoo where there are plenty of portals that I haven’t hacked before, and hacking unique portals is a big part of the fun for me in this silly game. It’s like when a dog pees on the furniture. I think I’m the dog.

I used to wish I had the courage to get into tagging graffiti, but it’s illegal and unethical, tho i love the idea of making art on walls anywhere in the world and screw people who don’t like splashes of color on boring industrial complexes or corporate buildings. Ingress lets me go make my virtual mark all over the place. Like sand castles, what i do will be gone in five minutes or five hours or maybe a few days at most, but I know I was there and I know I did it. It’s crazy. It’s silly. It’s right up my alley. Virtually affecting the landscape. I hope someday others look at what Ingress has done and go even further with it, allowing people to virtually affect their communities in other ways. There’s much potential here, but for now it’s glyph hacking and recharging portals. The future is now.

In fact, who knows? Maybe the future of this blog should be me talking about my adventures with Ingress. Or whatever interests me now and in the future. I don’t know yet. I’m not done bitching about how religion has stunted the growth of mankind. I just don’t see how dwelling on that is good for me or for anyone right now, and I’m finding myself becoming more interested in just living my life, and finding ways to put a smile on people’s faces and leave them happier than when I found them. Or maybe just glyph hack their church and then walk on. I haven’t given up on this thing. It’s just no longer suiting my current needs. I’m not sure if I need to shout at rooftops and tilt at windmills anymore. Maybe I’ve grown..? Naw! That can’t be it!

This isn’t the end. Unless these are the last words I ever type here. In which case this is the end, but I wouldn’t count on it.