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It’s just been reported that after ten years, Brad Bird claims to have started writing the sequel to his film The Incredibles. I’m upset by this news cuz it means he hasn’t been working on it before now. Just started writing the screenplay. I’ve written different versions of this in my head several times over the years. This practically writes itself.

It’s fifteen years later. Frozone is now leading a team of younger heroes who have developed superpowers and he’s the most experienced on Earth so people turn to him. Violet is a part of this team but she doesn’t put a lot of effort into it. She’s turned into a darker brooding kinda girl whose heart is just not in saving the world, cuz the world hasn’t bothered to save her in return.

Frozone is trying to get Violet to take the reins of the team because he knows she’s smart enough and brave enough and he claims he’s too old to do it but frankly he just hates the responsibility.

Violet’s upset because ten years ago her mom and dad got into a spaceship chasing after Jack Jack who had a tantrum as a child and ran off. We get a flashback of this event, and during this event it’s established Dash’s voice was cracking cuz he was hitting puberty and Violet made fun of him playfully. The past is shown as a much brighter fun time than the present, which still holds hope but is much darker. Then five years ago (explained in passing without a flashback) Dash ran really fast trying to save a lot of people. He was successful, but disappeared in the process. So now Violet’s all alone.

The night before the tenth anniversary of her parents’ disappearance, she gets a message from her mom that’s one way, saying they didn’t think it would take this long but had to go further out than they thought to follow the one lead they had to find Jack Jack, and that meant time would move differently for them as they were now leaving the solar system. They may never get back to Earth and if they did, it’d probably be long after Dash and Violet lived and died. “ElastiMom” says to the camera and to Violet that she takes solace in the knowledge Dash and Violet have each other, but that Jack Jack has no one out there in space, so she and “IndrediDad” have to go. The message ends with Violet shouting at her mom’s fading image and crying, cuz she lost Dash and now she’s got nobody.

Next morning she has to put on a brave front for Frozone and the cameras and the other young heroes and the world because they are celebrating the anniversary of her parents taking off into space after Jack Jack. It’s turned into a big worldwide celebration that Violet thinks is stupid but tries not to say it in front of the press. She probably fails at saying something stupid, and that’s about when Dash shows up out of nowhere. To him he just saved those people, then fell into something he calls “The TimeStream” that he just discovered and thinks is really cool but to Violet and the rest of the world it’s five years later. He’s really excited by that but Violet’s upset he left her and he’s like don’t you see what this means and she’s like how could you do that to me and he asks if mom and dad are back yet. Violet tells him no they’re not. He explains he just saw them in The TimeStream and he thinks he can go back there now that he knows where The TimeStream is and how fast he has to run but then he passes out cuz it took more out of him than he thought.

When he comes to he wants to use The TimeStream but he’s still too weak to get up enough speed. The other younger heroes and Frozone have been talking about it while Dash was unconscious and they don’t think it’s a good idea. Arguments about mucking with SpaceTime and whatnot. Of course Dash thinks they’re being silly but Violet sides with them and not her brother which really pisses him off. He’s determined to go get his folks whether she helps him or not.

Okay I’m realizing this story treatment is taking way too long to bring Craig T Nelson and Holly Hunter into the story. I was thinking of making them a big reveal after the first reel or so but.. And there’s just not enough action. We need a villain. I’m resisting the urge to just say Jack Jack turned bad. That’s too obvious. The alternative though is to write him out of the story and make him a MacGuffin tho cuz otherwise you have to explain what his powers are. And they have to be grandiose or audiences would feel let down.

Villain or MacGuffin for Jack Jack. I’m having trouble thinking of a third option. If Brad Bird can find a way to make Jack Jack something other than those two obvious choices, that’s why this is taking him over ten years and why he’s the man for the job. Still fun to contemplate how these characters would grow and change though. I could probably think of a half dozen possible stories. Jack Jack’s the real problem..