I wrote this elsewhere on the Web about a year ago but it still holds up. Decided to preserve it here for your perusal. It was originally a summation of my interpretation of sentiments made by others in some message board. People were disagreeing with each other and I sought to bring some clarity. A year later it struck me funny so I’m putting it here. Feel free to add your thoughts below if you are so inclined. (And here we begin.)

Okay. So..

Christmas only ‘exalts’ one religion, which is unconstitutional.

The Christmas tree has nothing to do with sacrifice of Jesus on a cross. It was originally a pagan thing about Odin’s wife or whatever.

Oh, and “yule” sounds funny.

Many of the other trappings of the season are also pagan in origin, predate Christianity and were usurped by Christians to drive the symbolism of their own belief system and make people forget about older traditions.

Alleged Christian traditions are actually only decades or centuries old, whereas pagan dogma and rituals happen to predate Christianity by a millennium or more.

There is no tangible evidence supporting that Jesus Christ was born at all.

If he was born, it was not on winter solstice. Early Christians themselves suggested it was closer to Easter, before the RCC forced December 25th upon the masses cuz the pagans had already been celebrating the (re)birth of The Sun during the winter solstice anyway.

The idea of a virgin birth predates Christianity as a ‘miracle’ which, lets face it, can be faked if you can get the right parties to lie about it convincingly.

Oh, and conservative fundamentalists are anal retentive.

That cover everything? We all on the same page?