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This is not an opinion. This is not a belief. It’s deductions based on observation. Christianity is a lie. It’s fiction. There’s a lot of evidence supporting this “theory.” It’s not just an hypothesis. This is not a war on Christmas and nobody hates your god. We can’t. You can’t prove it’s there. I can’t hate your god. You made up your god inside your head, and I love you. Whoever you are. So this isn’t about hating you or your god or your religion. It’s about wanting to be honest with one’s self and one’s society and one’s species and one’s universe. Some people use the god concept as a tool to manipulate other people. That’s what we observe. That’s what we deduce from the evidence. If I hate anything it’s that people use religion to enslave the minds of others, and this needs to stop. Christianity has been debunked. The evidence is below. There is no war. There is no debate. There are no apologetics or philosophical arguments that can change this fact. This universe was not created by an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent creator god as depicted in the Tanak, New Testament, and Quran. Can we move on from this please and get to actual serious issues facing humanity’s future and current state of existence? Like homelessness and poverty and disease and space travel and real things? Can we leave gods behind now? What more do you need than this? Christianity has been debunked. It’s over. Let’s move on.

The Buy-bull Journal

So I decided to piece a few links together to show how christianity really is nothing but a fraud and a lie:

Noah and the flood weren’t true:



and it was just a ripoff of a fairytale over 1000 years older than Noah and the ark tale called “The Epic Of Gilgamesh”.


Aswell as several other things stolen from this story and plagarized for the old testament as shown here:


The Exodus never happened:


The gospels are pure fiction and there is no evidence of Jesus and it all comes down to the fact that Jesus was Paul’s imaginary friend who talked to him in outer space.




And half the new testament are proven forgeries anyways as confirmed by the majority of biblical scholars:


Evolution is true:


Yes there are hundreds of transitional fossils:


And the Earth is 4.54…

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