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Ghandi once said “An eye for an eye will make us all blind.” I say thinking that way makes you blind. War is over if you want it. We all know what it would take to stop mankind’s wars with itself. Nobody wants to do it. We each reserve the right to kill those who disagree with us, who would take away our inalienable rights. Some of us feel we need to take their rights away before they get the upper hand, cuz you know they’re gonna do it to us, if we give them that chance.

They all believe whatever they believe is worth fighting for, and so long as one human being believes that, we will have bloodshed. We each want to reserve that right to fight for what we believe in, and so we will continue to kill each other. Children will continue to die. Rich will continue to pay poor desperate people to protect them from other poor desperate people and their rich manipulative bosses. It’s a seemingly endless cycle, but not every human being is going to ever achieve the same level of enlightenment at exactly the same time.

We just landed an unmanned probe on a comet moving in space. That wasn’t easy, but we did it. We have landed on the moon. Mankind has achieved amazing things. We have managed to feed billions of people, but some are still going hungry. We could shelter everyone on this planet. We could find ways to provide basic necessities and maybe even a few creature comforts to every man, woman, and child on this planet, but for some people, doing so has to be profitable for them, or they will continue doing other things that are more profitable, at the expense of those who have far less.

If we put our minds to it, we could accomplish anything. We could end human bloodshed in our lifetime. We could end human suffering, at least that suffering which is at the hand of other humans. Not sure if we could stop meteors or tsunamis, or other natural catastrophes. Maybe that would come later. We could, in our lifetime, stop human beings from harming each other. We all have to want it. All of us. Yeah, even that one over there that you don’t wanna talk to. War is over if we want it. Give peace a chance.

If you believe all that, I got a comet in space i could sell you cheap.

first picture back from the comet we just landed on.

first picture back from the comet we just landed on.