This started as a comment in a YouTube post from Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, but as i am sometimes wont to do, I got a little long winded. I keep telling myself I’m gonna stop talking about this subject but I keep coming back to it. And perhaps this go around, the following ramble will explain why. 

For those not willing to watch the video, or if the link goes bad in the future, Cenk is commenting on an Oklahoma politician who makes a post in his Facebook page about how ALL Christians should be wary of ALL Muslims. Then Cenk goes on in excruciating detail about why this is so absurd. However, I have to admit that while I disagree with the Oklahoma politician in question on most things, on this score I have to kinda begrudgingly admit I kinda agree. It DOES say in the Quran to kill nonbelievers. It also says elsewhere to protect them. However, if someone claims to believe this contradictory book as the inalienable word of their god, how am I supposed to be able to trust which parts of their bible they believe and which they excuse or ignore or pretend doesn’t matter? 

I have (half) jokingly put this to an extreme in recent years. Judeo-Christian-Islamic superstitions are all one big theology which I call Abrahamics. It all goes back to Abraham. He’s the father of all three religions. So when Jews, Christians, and Muslims talk about The One True God, they are all worshipping the same one. They just describe him extremely differently, even tho the Muslims claim to accept Christianity. Even tho Jewish teachings come from descendants of one son of Abraham and the Muslims come from the other. Many Jews and Muslims fight and hate each other, but they’re fighting over the same god. Some Christians don’t even realize that Jesus himself was Jewish. Totally doesn’t reach inside their cranium. It boggles the mind. 

There are many passages in the Abrahamic dogma that are downright violent. This One True God of theirs is sometimes a benevolent and compassionate and merciful god, but he’s also a violent tyrant who will punish forever anyone who doesn’t bow to him. So which one is it? How do we know all the nice muslims are just playing the “good cop” to the “bad cop” of the extremists? Sure the muslim in front of my face is all sweet and kind and polite, but he may just be distracting me from the mean muslim sneaking up behind me to stab me in the back. I mean I’m an example of the worst sinner. I’m an apostate. The one unforgivable sin according to Abrahamic superstition is to reject the One True God. For the record, I didn’t reject him. I believed for most of my life. He never showed up, cuz he isn’t real. I couldn’t prove my own god to myself scientifically. So how could I expect anyone else to believe in him? No one in the history of mankind has ever proved their god exists. How’s that grab ya? 

Can we honestly trust anyone who believes this superstitious twaddle in the 21st century? While science hasn’t answered all questions, we know enough about the universe now to realize that Abrahamics got “Creation” wrong, and not just a little wrong. There’s many details Genesis just flat fails on. While we’re not entirely sure how life did happen and how the universe did begin, we’ve got enough of an answer to see that the story is nothing like the one in Genesis. Eve was not made from Adam’s rib. Adam was not made from clay. The X chromosome preceded the Y chromosome. Females existed before males, probably long before marine life evolved into amphibians. 

I haven’t even started on dinosaur bones or radiometrics or a veritable cornucopia of other scientific facts accumulated in recent centuries that all add up to one thing: goat herders thousands of years ago who scribbled down what their grandparents told them happened to the universe is wrong. And WE MAY BE WRONG TOO! Centuries from now people will look at the evidence we’ve amassed along with everything they have amassed and they will come to even more outrageous conclusions than modern day scientists have. However, they will NOT magically uncover and find that Abrahamics was right all along, cuz “Eve” happened before “Adam,” long before mankind even existed. And no their names were not Adam and Eve. 

Now, if Believers wanted to take Abrahamic dogma literally, they could argue that scientists who study the stars and planets are actually modern day pagans. They bow to a telescope and not an altar. They believe in science books and not bibles or qurans. So Abrahamic dogma teaches anyone who studies the heavens directly and takes knowledge from there instead of The One True God shall be put to death. And this is inevitably the only way Abrahamics is going to survive past the 21st century. Abrahamic followers are gonna have to silence anyone smart enough to go to a library and check this out for themselves. Then they’ll have to burn all the books. Then they’ll have to shut down the Internet. 

Do I believe they’re going to do this? No. However, Do I believe they’re gonna stop believing what science has obviously proven to be wrong? No. So which future’s gonna happen? The one where centuries from now many will have a slightly clearer picture that moves away from the ignorance of the iron age, or will the Believers finally realize the only way to save their fantasy is to force humanity to stop looking at the stars and start bowing their heads to the ground? Will violence once again win? 

Have you looked at history? Science doesn’t have as great a track record as one might think. Usually brute force and ignorance wins. Then science crawls back and gains a little ground, and then brute force and ignorance wins again. It’s an endless cycle that has gone on for thousands of years. Inevitably, science will win out. Cuz mankind could burn all the bibles and qurans and something equally disturbing would later replace it, but it wouldn’t be identical to Abrahamics. However, you could destroy all the science books today, and over time future thinkers would eventually come to largely the same conclusions we have come to now, because science is based on reality while religion is based on superstitions and subjective perceptions of reality. Eventually science will win, but I anticipate a lot more willful ignorance in the mean time, and a lot more violence before everyone in humanity gets on the same page about this. 

I dismiss Jewish, Christian, and Islamic teachings in one fell swoop. Abrahamics. Any belief system that involves tribal hatreds of us vs them doesn’t belong in humanity’s future. If they can prove a god that’s more interested in what I do with my genitals than what entire civilizations are doing to each other, then maybe I’ll reconsider giving a crap what they think. Without proof, there’s no reason to believe. Simple as that. 

Not so simple, is whether or not I’m safe from religious zealots who find that to be blasphemy towards their god that I don’t believe is even there. And they will act upon their faith in god by being his eyes and his hands. Since he obviously doesn’t have any of his own. I mean if you want your god to kill the infidel, you have to do it yourself. Only makes sense, right?