[i’m putting this here before I hit send over there, cuz i suspect it might not see the light of day over at Kashif Chaudhry’s website. we shall see. just making a backup copy just in case.]

Dear Muslims,

If you can’t accept every single word in the Quran, you should stop calling yourselves Muslims. I’ve read the hate that’s in the Quran and it mirrors hate I found in the Christian Bible with which I grew up. It’s all traced back to Abraham, a man who was willing to sacrifice his own flesh and blood to appease the voice in his head.

One of many reasons why I stopped being Christian was because I personally looked over the Abrahamic texts upon which not only my denomination of Christianity was based, but all Christian denominations. In the Tanak and New Testament, there are many statements upon which I simply can’t agree. Stoning adulterers. Shunning apostates. Killing gay people. Slavery of other tribes. The idea that a very select few will make it to god’s after-party and a god will punish billions of souls for essentially being what he allegedly made them to be: human.

So if I don’t believe even one of the many things in these teachings, I can’t in all honesty continue calling myself a Christian. It’s not a buffet. I can’t say I agree with the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” parts and ignore the parts of the Bible that are downright inhumane and cruel. THEY’RE IN THE SAME BOOK!

So if you’re asking me to give all Muslims a pass cuz only some of them want to cut my head off for doubting what they call the word of Allah, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Abraham is in your books too. If I can no longer believe in the monster that was described in my god’s perfect word, I’m not going to embrace the sadistic homicidal maniac that’s in yours, either.

And neither should you. ANY of you. Especially since others use the SAME Abrahamic texts you use to rationalize their bloodshed of fellow human beings. There is no excuse for this, and how dare you try to make up excuses for them.