Your grandchildren will look different from your grandparents. The changes are subtle, but they’re there. You are not the clone of one of your parents. You were not magically created by a god. You are the result of your parents combined DNA, which means you are a new unique individual. You are the missing link, only you never were missing. People just choose to not look at the links directly before us. Every generation of mankind is a link on a very long chain that goes back billions of years.

Births of human children happen all the time every day all over the world so this “miracle” of evolution is happening all the time all around us. These changes are gradual, Sometimes these changes mean you will be slightly more successful in your life than other people and sometimes it means you will be slightly less successful than others. Most of the time it doesn’t mean much at all, in geologic time, but when you pull back beyond your grandchildren and grandparents to your ancestors and your descendents, these small minute changes do become greater over a larger time frame, say millions of years.

We did not just evolve from apes. We ARE apes, and the other primate species like orangutans or chimpanzees that exist today have also been evolving. They look as different from their ancestors as we do from the same ancestors, just in different ways. Dolphins’ physiologies show signs that millions of years ago they were land based creatures but their ancestors chose to return to the sea. There is no one path of evolutionary perfection. Over millions of years a species can change a great deal, so much so that scientists would opt to deduce they’re a different species, but primates are a class of species. Mammals evolved over millions if not billions of years from amphibians which were marine life prior to that, and single celled organisms before that, and before that amino acids and complex molecular chains and atomic elements before that. Before that we were star dust.

Or you can just believe you were magically made by a god, then perhaps a stork flew you to your parents’ arms. Which is easier to swallow? Perhaps a cabbage patch was involved. Mud. Rib. Twang. Voila.

Of course moths evolved into different colored moths, and the darker ones survived against predators in a darker environment. This only makes sense. The lighter ones didn’t survive long enough to make offspring and if they did, those lighter colored offspring probably got eaten, leaving the ones who better hid from predators a slightly better chance at survival.

This makes sense when you think about it, but if you have been taught your faith already has all the answers and you don’t have to think anymore, you’re taught to stop thinking, so it’s entirely up to each and every person alive today if we wanna think about evolution, or stop evolving.


OK the results are in, i have been tweeting for two weeks now and wating for evidence of evolution.
 The evidence was delivered by two different contributors.
 Evolution is a fact  and the proof is a moth, this certain moth came under environmental pressure due to it’s color.
 The pressure came from Coal soot in the air that turned the trees and surrounding darker, making the light colored moth of the at tyoe easier for birds to find and eat.
 So this special Darwinism/Evolutionary, Moth evolved into a moth. 

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