i’m kind of a fan of Jennifer Lawrence as a celebrity, though admittedly I don’t watch many of her films. The X-Men First Class, obviously, but i’m finding myself appreciating her unique approach to public celebrity life and how she manages to give the public cute stuff to talk about without seeming to intentionally bring attention to herself.. but this is Hollywood. She’s intentionally bringing attention to herself. She’s just doing it in a way I’m not sure if anyone else has tried before. It’s kinda mildly Andy Kaufman like.. Anyway, the new breakaway star J.Law’s making (again either intentionally or accidentally and nothing in Hollywood is accidental) is her pal Laura Simpson. Is this a gay love affair or are they just old friends? Who knows? Who cares. I’m sure whatever the truth is, people will be gossipping about those two for years to come.


The latest chapter in the chronicle of the most amazing woman in the world—Jennifer Lawrence—was penned not by Lawrence herself but by her best friend, Laura Simpson. Simpson (who is not famous, though she might be by the end of the week) was Lawrence’s date to the Oscars. She chronicled the highlights of the night in a hilarious MySpace post—because of course Lawrence’s BFF would be funny.

Here are the highlights.

1. Picking a dress is super stressful, even when you’re not famous

“I had a complete meltdown. Somehow the night before the Oscars I managed to get into an argument with my best friend, my mom and my boyfriend. I think I cried more in the 12 hours before the Oscars than I have in 10 years—I was really getting into the drama of the evening. I somehow managed to make an entire event having nothing to do…

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