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Yesterday I was reminded of the idea of a music blog, and for a second I wondered if I should make one. I have much to say about music, don’t I? The soundtrack of my life is playing all the time all around me and sometimes I actually notice it. Then I remembered I already have my very own music blog in here. I scanned it though and found myself disappointed in what I saw. I don’t write about music as much as I’d like. I focus way too much time on other topics so I thought I’d attempt to rectify that today. It’s overdue.

However, sadly my music blog posts usually deteriorate into nothing more than me linking to a handful of YouTube videos that feature music which happens to interest me at the moment, and I will probably not veer from that trend today. It’s what I know. Since The Voice is about to go into season six, I figured why not take this opportunity to share with you the good that I remember from the series thus far. I have a lot of bad to say, but I’m gonna try to accentuate the positive and delineate the negative as best as I can.

However, The Voice is not necessarily a good place to dwell when talking about music. It distills out a lot of what makes music great and focuses on turning talented singers into little more than competitors in a wannabe sport. Music is not about winners and losers. Everyone wins. That’s jazz. Everyone shares each other’s pain. That’s the blues. Everyone gets drunk and throws up on their best friend’s shoes in the rain after their dog died and their wife left them, that’s country. Perhaps in the future I’ll get this music blogging thing right. Today, I’m afraid I’m getting it wrong again. I could bitch and moan about the bad that is The Voice. Instead, I’d rather take this opportunity to share with you the good that has come out of The Voice, at least for me. Your Mileage May Vary. You may hate shows like The Voice more than I do, and not even give them a chance. That’s up to you. I seek diamonds in the rough.

The one talent that came out of last season’s The Voice for me was Kat Robichaud. Yes there are many talented worthy voices from that show and I’ve nerded out over The Voice in the past, but this lady in particular has a quality about her that is haunting and seductive. She’s like a banshee and a siren and a goddess all rolled up into a lovely package. I’ve become a bit of a hermit in recent years. I don’t like going out and doing much. If I heard Robichaud was parading through Dallas though, I’d be hard pressed to find an excuse NOT to go.

Nowadays it’s very rare that I want to actually see anyone perform in person. Rebecca Loebe was an exception from the first season of The Voice that I’m very thankful to have made. I got the chance to watch her perform at a venue that frankly made me feel rather uncomfortable. It was a church. I hadn’t stepped foot inside a church since Lee Caropesci died, but I did it for her. It wasn’t so bad. Rebecca Loebe was a joy to see perform in person, and in experiencing her off the tv screen or the little computer monitor and actually sharing the air she breathes for a short time, I realized that The Voice is just a small, insignificant part of the world that is these talented people. It’s something to put on a resume. It’s an anecdote you get to share with everyone from complete strangers to your grandchildren. The moment when millions got to hear her sing all over the world, and some of them still remember. Even though she didn’t get very far that year in the competition, she stands out for me as a winner even years later.

I also hope to see Tony Vincent live someday. I think he was on season two and the only contestant that year which I still clearly remember off the top of my head. His vocal power and unique performance style were unparalleled. Again, he didn’t win The Voice, but he won me over. This is not to say I feel everyone else sucks on The Voice except for my personal choices. There’s plenty of great voices on The Voice which is why I tune in. I certainly don’t tune in for.. well.. trying to focus on the positive here. I don’t mean to diminish the many talented people just cuz I’m only dropping names of talents that affected me personally. Tony Vincent wasn’t just great on stage, but he seemed to have his head together and is rooted with a wife and kid and just.. he knows who he is and what he wants to be. The Voice usually tries to turn everyone’s lives on The Voice into highlight reels for Afterschool Specials and Movie of the Weeks. Vincent’s story was what you see. He likes to sing, and he loves his family. Keep It Simple.

Michelle Chamuel from two seasons ago is also on a special personal list of who I consider to be winners of The Voice. Maybe she wasn’t the best or the most beautiful or had the best back story or whatever other people use as criteria to be a winner on a talent show like this, but she was diligent and work focused and driven and like Tony Vincent and the others I’ve mentioned here, she knows who she is and what she wants to be. She’d hit her mark, or hit that high note, or grimace or let out a primal roar or look at the wonder of the universe through her specs with a childlike awe and sure it’s probably all camp and showmanship but it felt for an instant like a fellow soul on the planet letting me in. This is what it’s like to experience the universe through my eyes and with my voice. Take a ride with me for a couple minutes, and I won’t let you down.

Again. Focusing on the positive. I could go on about the recent drama regarding Ceelo Green’s departure from The Voice going into season six. I could expound upon how I feel The Voice should show (even) more support (than some argue they do) not just for past winners but past contestants. I could point out how shows like this and American Idol and X Factor claim to be discovering The Next Big Thing but their track record is sorely lacking. I could describe in detail the many little things I don’t like about how the producers produce The Voice, or how shows like this are a love/hate thing for me like a decadent pleasure that I know is bad for me, that I know is bad for music, but I don’t want to dwell on the bad.

Rebecca Loebe. Tony Vincent. Michelle Chamuel. Kat Robichaud. For me, these are four good talents that have come out of The Voice. Four reasons why I enjoy the show, despite the many more than four reasons why I probably shouldn’t enjoy it. They got the music in them. They put the music in those who are willing to listen. When you boil it all down, isn’t that really what it’s all about? I got the music in me. Thanks for listening.