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For the sake of posterity here is the summary of something that won’t even get a footnote in most history books. I hope. I hope we can get past this. I hope that one day shit like this stops happening. Not by force. Just by common fucking sense.

Ted Nugent is a *ahem* person who was a popular rock musician back in the 1980s, perhaps most famous for the album Cat Scratch Fever as well as the song of the same name. Some decades later he became a spokesperson for gun rights and other aspects of the conservative agenda. His popularity among a vocal minority has given him opportunities to prance about in reality television series as if he was half his physical age and less than half his intellectual age. He has also found himself on stage with many conservative politicians like republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott, current governor Rick Perry, and others. In late January, Ted Nugent was publicly quoted as referring to Barack Obama, current president of the United States, as a “subhuman mongrel.” Or perhaps more specifically: “a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel … ACORN community organizer gangster.” This quote is reportedly from The Dallas Morning News and Nugent was speaking at a gun show in Vegas. So he was simply catering to the audience immediately before him, probably not suspecting it would leave Vegas. I mean, what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, right?

This was not the first time Nugent has said bad things about people. He calls female politicians things like “dirty whores” or “fat pigs” all the time. No one gives a shit about that. Also, he referred to Obama as a communist like three times in that quote and no one challenges him on that. It’s the phrase “subhuman mongrel” that became the soundbyte. I happen to agree with Nugent on use of the words “Chicago gangster,” but then I think all politicians are white collar criminals that get away with the same things the Mafia has gotten away with since before Mario Puzo and Martin Scorsese made The Godfather an American superhero.

This was also not the first time Nugent, or anyone, has insulted the individual serving in the office of United States president. Surely it won’t be the last. One of the many great things about the USA is that we can insult the people in positions of power in this country without fear of violent retribution, unlike other parts of the world like Russia, the Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela, etc. As I type up these words, there are places on this Earth recently scorched with war, or scarred by drought and famine, due to human beings denying one another basic rights that include the right to challenge authority. OR some could argue, that it’s precisely the exercise of their rights to challenge authority that’s causing tens of thousands of people to suffer pain from violence right now. Depends on your point of view, but I digress.

It’s in the phrase “subhuman mongrel” that some take offense. Barack Obama happens to be a black man. Some people argue that the only reason why he’s President is precisely because he’s a black man. Some could also argue the only reason Hillary Clinton is NOT president right now is cuz she is a white woman. Both arguments are patently absurd and have absolutely no grounds in reality, but this does not stop people from persistently making these arguments. There’s reality, and then there’s subjective perceptions of reality. I think I’ve made that argument before, using actual reality to back up my argument, and nobody gives a fuck. Interesting how that works (or doesn’t as the case may be).

When Ted Nugent called Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel” he was chastised for it in the American press, aka “The Fourth Estate.” Other republicans in positions of power were not quick to rebuke Nugent for using such language until after the Press and some choice organizations bullied them into acknowledging this was improper. So on the 21st of February of 2014, Ted Nugent reportedly apologized to whomever was listening for describing the POTUS as a “subhuman mongrel” in a public location that got out to the press. He did not apologize to the president himself, nor should he, because he didn’t say it to the president’s face in the first place.

He essentially only apologized for getting caught saying it.

He apologized not for actually saying or thinking the phrase “subhuman mongrel” in reference to a fellow member of the homo sapien species. He apologized for getting caught. Again, more specifically his choice of words were that he apologized “for using the streetfighter terminology of ‘subhuman mongrel’ instead of just using more understandable language, such as ‘violator of his oath to the Constitution’.” If anyone could prove Obama violated his oath to the Constitution, I’m sure a lot of congressmen would not hesitate to impeach him. There’s no known evidence that is strong enough to do this. They got Bill Clinton on lying under oath in a courtroom. They’d take down Obama if they thought they could. They can’t. Why? Cuz THERE’S NO EVIDENCE OBAMA VIOLATED ANYTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION. Will anyone challenge Ted Nugent for blatantly lying? Of course not. he’s just a washed up has-been rocker. Who gives a fuck? Why is he getting mentioned in the news at all? I say shit about politicians all the time and nobody cares. Oh but Ted Nugent once had a couple gold albums. I see. That gives him oh so much authority. Ooh. Ahh.

Notice Ted Nugent calls the phrase in question an example of “streetfighter terminology” as if he had been posing as a member of some Worldwide Wrestling Foundation calling the POTUS out for a no-holds barred match in the ring. Are we to understand here that Ted Nugent does not understand where the phrase actually came from, or what it really means? Are we to assume an old white man calling and old black man subhuman isn’t racist? How about the word mongrel? Even though Nugent may apologize for being caught saying it, that doesn’t change the fact it is evidence we know he’s thinking it, and so is anyone who quietly agreed with him. This isn’t about racism for me though. This is about willful ignorance.

People who insist the bible is inerrant, in face of direct evidence it is not.

People who insist modern science supports their biblical beliefs, in light of direct evidence it does not.

People who look at amputees, and children dying of cancer, and people starving or homeless all over the world, or people dying right now in armed conflicts that could and should be stopped by rational intelligent compromise and debate, and they think this is all part of some mysterious plan their god has and we should just trust in Him and not question or challenge His authority.

People who feel it’s okay that their god once ordered a man named Abraham to sacrifice his only son on an altar to appease Him, as if the child were a goat or a pig. That this is perfectly normal behavior for their omnipotent, omniscient, allegedly benevolent pan-dimensional deity who behaves mysteriously and we are too insignificant and unworthy to have any right to question the authority of their perfect god.

People who think a man named Noah once saved many species of animals by following the orders of his imaginary friend and building a wooden boat three hundred cubits by fifty cubits by thirty cubits.

People who think their god literally made Adam from Eve as described in the book Genesis, in the face of evidence from the science of Genetics that the Y chromosome is an X chromosome that has been altered by time and evolutionary explainable biological changes, which means at best, their god allegorically made ADAM out of EVE, LONG BEFORE either of them could have possibly been human beings.

People like these (not ALL of them, not YOU of course, perish the thought that I would challenge the opinions of anyone actually reading my blog) believe deep down that white people are their god’s chosen people, and black people are subhuman. They are mongrels. They are beneath their god’s chosen people. Ironically, a lot of black people, including the current president of the United States, allegedly believe in the same exact Abrahamic god that people like Ted Nugent believe in. Back in the 1940s, opinions like this were not only sometimes vocalized directly. They didn’t always have to be. They were just a ‘natural’ part of white man’s cultural bias, just accepted generally by the white populous that was in power. It permeated much of the entertainment of the time. Use of the word “negro” as a descriptive and definitive slur was common, and thinking of black people as backwater ignorant participants in voodoo was common and no one challenged this sort of thing. It was NORMAL. Here’s Bob Hope in the 1940 film Ghost Breakers making an innocent joke.

THAT WAS 1940! THAT WAS OVER SEVENTY YEARS AGO!!! None of the people in that video clip are even alive anymore! This joke was surrounded by dialogue that wasn’t a joke, it was all just generally accepted descriptive white racist thinking about black people. It’s kinda creepy looking at stuff like this almost a century later, or learning that many actors like Bing Crosby, Shirley Temple, Ronald Reagan, and many others once dressed up in black face or stood alongside others in black face for entertainment purposes. It was all in good fun, right? No harm in it, huh?

It’s the 21st century now. About a decade or so ago, Ted Danson did this as a joke, alongside Whoopi Goldberg WHO IS BLACK AND SHE CONDONED IT CUZ FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE IN CONTEXT IT WAS JUST GOOD CLEAN FUN and both were chastised for it, cuz it’s really just not funny. It’s supposed to be a completely different civilization today. We are supposed to have risen above this ignorance and hate and fear. These are allegedly better times, yet some people keep insisting on dragging us backward, and we allow this. We allow them to drag us back. We allow them to DE-EVOLVE all of us with their behavior.

A man named Martin Luther King was shot decades ago for standing up for the rights of all men, not just those of a certain color. We have suffered through the Women’s Suffrage Movement. We have suffered through Rosa Parks being insulted for refusing to relinquish her seat to a white man. We have done this time and time again. WE HAVE PUT IN OUR TIME! BLACK AND WHITE AND ALL OTHER KINDS OF COLORED PEOPLE ALIKE! IT’S OVER! RATIONAL THOUGHT HAS WON THIS ARGUMENT ALREADY! GAME OVER MAN!!! GAME OVER! We have tolerated this hate and fear long enough! We have put up with the willful ignorance of our fellow man for so long and yet it still persists. When there are human beings who still look at fellow human beings who are slightly different from them as less than human, can we not use that now as evidence that they have not culturally and intellectually evolved high enough with the rest of us? Why can’t we acknowledge soberly and with confidence that it is willfully ignorant people like this who are trying to drag the rest of us back in time to the dark ages, or perhaps even to before the stone age? Should we not begin to look down on people like Ted Nugent as sub human? As mongrels? They are beneath us. They no longer deserve to be in positions of authority over us. Anyone who looks down on their fellow man, ironically is demanding we look down on them for their behavior and their willful ignorance in the face of fact and reason. There is no evidence that being black makes you less than being white. Genetically we are practically identical. I am sick and tired of having to suffer this cultural bias that has no place in modern debate. WHY must we suffer these idiots a nanosecond longer?

Ted Nugent is the subhuman mongrel.

We should treat him as such. And any politician associated with him (or anyone who acts like this) should be taken out with the morning’s garbage, and left on the curb to be forgotten in the landfill outside of town. He who smelt it dealt it, Ted. Sucks to be you.