Atheism is a doubt in the god myth.
It’s not religion.
It’s not science.
It’s not anything really.
It’s just a doubt.
You can’t prove your god, therefore I have no reason to believe.

Atheism doesn’t attempt to explain how the universe got here. That’s cosmogony.

Atheism doesn’t attempt to explain how the origins of life on Earth happened. That’s abiogenesis.

Atheism doesn’t attempt to explain how human beings (or other carbon based life species on this planet) got here; that’s evolution.

Being an atheist does not automatically mean I believe in science, but let’s face it; science has a far better track record for being right than ancient Abrahamic texts.

Being atheist doesn’t mean I believe we came from nothing. It doesn’t mean I believe in anything. It doesn’t even mean I don’t believe in sunspots or aliens or Justin Bieber or anything other than your unproved god myth.

I don’t know how we got here. That’s agnosticism.

I don’t believe in your god. That’s atheism.


And no. Your bible or quran or torah or whatever you wanna call it is NOT proof. It’s just a book written by people a long time ago who knew even less about the universe than we do right now.

Atheism is just a rational grunt in response to outrageous outdated dogma.

If you can’t understand that, playing with your legos is not going to make your outrageous outdated dogma look any more credible than an atheist shrugging and going on with his life. AS it is. Not how YOU imagine his life SHOULD be in YOUR eyes because of YOUR pathetic behavioral conditioning.

You can’t prove your belief system, so stop trying to stuff it down everybody else’s throats. We ain’t buyin’ what you’re peddlin.’