I’ve written this countless times and people still don’t get it. So below I’m going to try to simplify this once and for all.

This is very simple.

Do you know if there’s a god?

    If yes, you are gnostic.
    If no, you are agnostic.

Do you believe there is a god?

    If yes, you are a theist.
    If no, you are an atheist.

You can be BOTH atheist AND agnostic. if you don’t know if you believe, that means you don’t. So you’re an atheist. Even if you hesitate before saying yes, that probably means you don’t really believe, and this is where a lot of people try to make this more complicated, but it’s really very simple and if you’re already bored you can stop there.

Now here’s where it gets tricky. You have to do this WITH EVERY RELIGION.

    Do we know if Odin is real?
    Do we know if Zeus is real?
    Do we know if Wotan
    or the Yacatizma
    or the Flying Spaghetti Monster
    or Zuul is real?

You may or may not be able to prove it scientifically. Unless you are pagan, most people are atheist when it comes to 99% of all gods ever imagined by mankind. Now, I’m going to use Abrahamics as an example below, because that’s the one which still has a stranglehold on modern day humanity, but like I said it would be objective and impartial if one were to ask those same two questions with regards to every human-invented god ever conjured. By the way, no one in the history of mankind has ever proven scientifically that their god existed. If that happened, I would not be writing this.

Abrahamics consists of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. Islam uses the Quran and Christianity uses the New Testament but all three faiths are branches that stem from the story of Abraham in the Jewish Torah. We can scientifically prove the Abrahamic god as described in the first five books of the Old Testament cannot possibly exist in this universe. XX before XY. Eve could not have been made from Adam’s rib. It is scientifically impossible. The X chromosome came first, and the Y chromosome is an edited version of the X. Man could not have existed prior to woman. Furthermore, this happened billions of years before homo sapiens or indeed before mammals existed. The X/Y thing probably started in the Precambrian era with marine life and over time the 2nd X chromosome got edited multiple times but when you look at it, the Y chromosome looks like it used to be an X. There was never a time in prehistory where a single human was walking around by himself and then a woman was made from a piece of him. If that happened, the X Y thing wouldn’t exist in DNA.

Do we know if Yahweh, Jehovah or Allah is real?

We know Those “One True Gods” cannot be real. The bible got it wrong. Science observes what the men who wrote the bible centuries ago could not possibly have known, but an omniscient god would have known. Maybe there is a god of some sort, or something you might call a god, but he’s not the Abrahamic god. I’m not making this up. That’s genetics. That’s science.

There’s countless other examples too.

    Science proves you can’t survive three days inside a whale.
    People don’t turn to salt when they look back at a burning city.
    Human blood sacrifice does not absolve another of responsibility.
    There are ways to make illusions that look like miracles.
    The universe happened over thirteen billion years of time, not six days, or ten thousand years, or whatever Abrahamic Apologetics try to say.

Science disproves the bible elsewhere, but the lynchpin is Eve. Without her, you don’t have Original Sin. You don’t have a reason for males to claim superiority over females. Abrahamics melts like a snowman in March. If a god exists, he did not make woman out of man, and that means he can’t be Abraham’s god. You can still believe if you wish. You can even claim to know, but you’re still wrong. Your faith has no effect on the universe.

Is there a god? I don’t know. I doubt it. This means I’m generally speaking an agnostic atheist. There may be a god of some sort, or at the very least, something out there so powerful that most human beings would either bow before it or die resisting it. However, this same scenario would play out if sentient super-intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rexes were to show up tomorrow inside a time machine. Some people would bow before it, because it’s simply more powerful. Some people would combat it, and probably die trying.

Today’s god is the anthropomorphication of The Unknown. We take what we don’t understand, and we give it humanoid form in our minds, so we can grapple with it. Is there an Abrahamic god? I know beyond a reasonable doubt that it’s simply not possible. The Abrahamic texts were not inspired by an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent god. They were written by impotent, ignorant, malevolent men who believed in destroying their enemies by killing the warriors, raping their women, enslaving their children and usurping their property. So long as they are able to convince their followers that their god told them to do it. They believed in keeping the women subservient, because one thing they did know is that women command the true power: they perpetuate human life.

I do not believe this is true.

I know it.

This is what is evident.

Science isn’t a religion. It’s a tool. It’s an objective way of observing reality, separating what we feel must be true from what actually is. Saying Abrhamics could still be true is like saying your own house could have been made by garden gnomes when no one was looking. You can’t prove it wasn’t made by garden gnomes, can you? That’s religion. If you are still confused, please leave why in the comments section below. This is an ongoing effort. This probably isn’t the last time I revisit this. I just hope someday I get it right.