What follows is my answer to something a PJSaunders posted back in May of 2012. I’m not sure if it’s going to remain there so I’m reposting it here just in case. What instigated this, Saunders accused atheists of not answering his questions by listing dozens of answers he got from his questions from atheists on Twitter. Do you understand what I just said? He got dozens of answers. He even listed them, and then claimed, with those answers in front of his face, that he got no answers. This is the epitome of denial of reality that we atheists have to suffer from closed-minded believers all the time. It’s blatant absurdity to claim someone didn’t answer your question when their answer is staring you in the face. He even lists these answers he got that he claims he did not into categories like “disdain,” “mockery,” and “incredulity.”

These were his questions:

1.How do you explain the fine tuning of the universe?
2.How do you explain the fact of 116 distinct language families?

This is my answer: I don’t.

Attempting to explain “fine tuning of the universe” implies I accept that is the case. I don’t. His question is loaded in favor of his own assumption that there is a creator. I don’t follow that assumption. I’m comfortable with not knowing. Saunders obviously is not, so he must accept this fabrication that there was a creator, and then only look at the evidence that supports his short-minded assumption. I don’t follow suit with that line of “reasoning” as it is unreasonable.

Further, I’m not a linguist, so I don’t bother explaining “distinct language families.” I’d go talk to a linguist if I cared about the topic. I don’t even believe that I believe in the concept of “distinct language families” because I find human communication to be even more complex than that. Perhaps some linguists have classified modern and historical languages in this manner, but again I find this short-sighted. Language is a constantly evolving thing. As I am fond of quoting from Laurie Anderson, “Language is a virus.” Still. Again. I’m not a linguist. If one truly cares about such topics, ask linguists and not atheists. Obviously, again, this Peter Saunders was asking weighted questions expecting answers that he could then somehow twist into his assumption that his god exists when it most decidedly does not, at least not outside his head.

I don’t know. That’s how I answer such questions. Not knowing does not magically mean Peter Saunders’ god exists. Saunders may opt to not accept my answer, but it still is one. So are the many other answers he claims were not answers. That he wasn’t satisfied with their answers changes nothing. What follows is what I put in the comment section of Saunders’ blog. It may still be there if you wish to see for yourself. In case Saunders censors his own website, I’m duplicating it here for my own edification.

We “atheists” and other doubters don’t pretend to know answers to questions we don’t know. “I don’t know” is the beginning of knowledge. It’s not a dead end. However, claiming a god did it, when you can’t prove this, IS a dead end. It’s a dead end that mankind has been banging its head against for centuries. So yes. You will receive dismissive disdain, patronizing put downs, mockery, and incredulity that we are still having this discussion at all.

Genetics proves Eve was not made from Adam. Radiometric dating of matter proves nothing made this planet inside of six days. Astrophysics proves this universe is far grander and older than Abrahamics ever predicted, causing apologetix to re-evaluate worn interpretations of ancient translations.

Because she never existed, Eve did not incite Original Sin causing a god to impregnate a woman magically in order to give birth to himself so that he could live as a human and then have himself sacrificed to himself to atone for sins that never could have happened because Eve never happened. Genetics proves females existed before males, and long before homo sapiens EVOLVED. Mere existence does not prove Creation. There was no Intelligent Design, at least not as depicted in ancient Abrahamic texts.

And EVEN IF Eve committed Original Sin, which she could not have, it is plainly evident that human blood sacrifice (be it a goat or Jesus Christ) does not absolve anyone from personal responsibility of their own actions. You are responsible for your own sins, no matter how many gods you invite into your heart. And EVEN IF Jesus could have sacrificed himself to atone for your actions, which he can’t, how dare you use the cold blooded murder of a fellow human being to pay the price for any wrongs you have done! That’s beyond offensive. That’s sickening. No man should have to die so that another can live free of his own guilt.

AFTER you prove a god exists scientifically, THEN perhaps we can revisit this atrocious flight of fancy. NOT before! It is the 21st century. Your god has had more than enough time to return. Indeed, it never left, cuz it never existed outside the minds of those who believe in it.

If you tire of people laughing at your beliefs, stop having such stupid beliefs.