If this is the only joke for which I’m remembered, that’s gonna be okay, cuz it’s not about me. If I ever get up the courage to do a stand up comedy routine, I’m gonna try to work this in, provided it actually works on stage. I think it might.

My father was a big guy, but got his nickname cuz in high school football, his coach would point to him and say, “TINY! Go find a hole out there and fill it!” Insert your sexual innuendo jokes where you want, but my mom’s nickname was “Stinky.” I kid you not.

My father passed away in 1998. We lost mom about a year ago. I keep them alive in my memories. You never met my mom and dad, but from now on, i got a slim chance that every time you hear the words “tiny” or “stinky” you might think about my parents, rest their souls.

Language is a virus. Thanks for keeping my folks alive.

And yes. Every single word of that “joke” is true. Sometimes the best funnies come out of real life personal experience. Let me know if you think that’s funny enough to build a stand up routine from. Should I start with that? Should I end with it? Maybe it’s gonna be the first thing that I mentally cut before walking on the stage.

Where’s the punchline, you may ask? I’m already asking myself that, but i gotta start somewhere.