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We could either confirm that the Assad government used sarin on their own people, or we can just jump the gun, and assume we have all the answers now, like the State Department.


Why does this remind me of George W Bush saying “you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists”? Granted, my opinion still is the Syrian government’s attacking their own people. IF i’m right, then going to war with Syria would be a noble thing, right? Even though we don’t have enough evidence to be absolutely certain of our convictions yet. Even though I’m just a layman and if I think this, it’s probably not so. It’s always more complicated than the most obvious. I feel like the movie Wag The Dog again. I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. We’re being manipulated.

toxic_da The Syrian rebels do not have the resources to convincingly fake a sarin gas attack. However, I did look at some of the footage and unless John Kerry has seen footage on YouTube that no one else has, there wasn’t a smoking gun. I don’t even recall seeing footage of a smoking town. I saw people unconscious on the floor. It could be the real thing, and it coulda been faked.


That’s why we needed UN inspectors to go in and investigate. However, the world is being run by men who have faith that they can jump to conclusions without all the necessary pertinent facts and somehow everything’s going to work out okay in the wash. Like that’s done so well in the past. Not.

I mean, the movie Hunt For Red October was fiction, but based loosely off actual events that Tom Clancy read about. In Hollywood, men can jump to conclusions and be wrong here or right there and magically everything works out. That’s not real life.

“What’s so funny?”

“Well, the captain seems to think you’re some sort of cowboy.”

“You speak Russian?”

“A little. Yes. It helps to study the ways of one’s enemies, don’t you agree?”

“It is.”