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I’ve covered some of this material before but I’m putting this list here for now. It’s not a fully inclusive list. It’s just what I came up with off the top of my head on paper several days ago and I’m typing it up here so maybe I’ll find it again later. Improve upon it. Maybe you’ll look at it and it’ll get you thinking. Maybe you can expand upon it, or share and enjoy with others. It’s a mildly impressive list. Maybe I’ll expand upon it in the future, but the following is a list of reasons why “Creationism” is a load of bullshit. This is not an opinion. This is a conclusion drawn from scientific observation, as explained below.

  1. Appendix is a ticking time bomb in the body of every human being. Not smart.
  2. Laryngeal nerve wraps around the aorta for no intelligent reason. Not smart.
  3. Blind spot in the eye. Not smart.
  4. XX before XY = Abrahamic creation myth is not even metaphorically accurate by any stretch. There were females before there were males, long before mammals existed. Men are the aberration. Like a mule when donkeys and horses mate.
  5. Over 99% of the known universe is uninhabitable to humanity. If a god made us, why make us so fragile to exist in a universe so caustic to us? Unless he’s not a benevolent and/or omnipotent god.
  6. Humans breathe, drink, and eat out of the same hole. Any engineer will scoff at this design. Not smart.
  7. Very few redundancies in organs or systems. Not smart.
  8. Built in obsolescence, but no ‘best before’ date. We were made to eventually fail. Mortality is a “feature.”
  9. No peripherals. We have had to teach ourselves how to find or make replacement parts for limbs and organs.
  10. No interlocking parts. For example, when you try to take a heart from one human and put it into another, a thousand things can go wrong. How is this intelligent?
  11. No operations manual. (Abrahamic texts were written by men and not gods so they don’t count)
  12. If DNA are blueprints, it’s like putting the instructions for making a bike (which are in a foreign language) inside each separate part of the bike, in fine print, and you have to take the bike apart in order to read it. AND your god didn’t sign his work. You’d think we’d find his signature inside the human genome somewhere but it’s nowhere to be found. How the hell is this intelligent design?

Jon Stewart added to this list some years ago, by citing “the scrotum”

In a nutshell, this allegedly intelligent designer elected to take the most painful part of a man’s anatomy, put it in a little bag between his legs.. a bag that anyone at any time can just haul off and hit very hard with a baseball bat and there’s not a lot anyone can do to stop it w/o utilizing firearms or having previously elected to wear armored protection down there.. again, not a very intelligent design. The list can go on and on.

Now, here’s the kicker: if your god used evolution to ‘create’ everything inside the universe, or even just some things and not others, this is the most absurd belief yet. It means billions of years ago he effectively instigated the sparking of a universe that, over time, could eventually make itself by a process of trial and error. He used an insane amount of energy, and wasted quite a bit of both space and time, to accidentally, eventually, make something sentient enough to question its own existence, and Abrahamics presumes this existence is solely for the benefit of the human race. We (or rather some of us) are this Creator’s Chosen People, provided we accept this malarkey without any valid proof or sane reason. Failure was intentionally fabricated into this design in terms of probability. A god was never actually required. At best, your evolution god lit a match, and then sat back for billions of years to watch the fireworks. Your god is no more a god than George Jetson is a god to a Spaceley Sprocket.

Do you get it yet, or must I draw a diagram? Given the current data, it is much more likely to view reality as something not created by a god. We may not know how it started or what keeps it going, but the idea of a singular omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent deity is simply implausible if not physically impossible. Assuming the god myth is still plausible, after reviewing what we have learned over the past several centuries, is foolish beyond any valid measure.

No. I’m not one hundred percent certain. I don’t have to be. We can’t be one hundred percent certain about anything, but what’s more likely to be accurate? The Bible, or a CatScan? The Quran, or a PapSmear?

I’m not interested in converting people to the ways of atheism. There are no ways of atheism. I’m interested in replacing ignorance with knowledge. Science and religion are simply NOT compatible.

Judeo-Christian-Islamic belief systems are lies. Science has sufficient evidence as to what reality actually is. Science can rule out how reality is described so poorly in ancient Abrahamic texts. Anyone still clinging to these belief systems after reading and understanding the above list are willfully ignorant. Go ahead and be willfully ignorant. You have a right to your beliefs. Don’t expect me to respect your exercising such willful ignorance in politics, or education, or any form of social engineering, or ..pretty much anything else, really.

The universe wants us dead. Why do you want to help it?