It started as a joke on Twitter. MaggiePriceless (aka MAGGIE) and M0zilla (aka HOWARD) were talking about having a taste for “oddball music” and I chimed in uninvited. This is history in the making, folks.

MAGGIE: Being a multiracial child of the 80’s gave me really scattershot taste in music. Hair metal, motown and alternative rock. #saywhut?
HOWARD: hair metal, horror movies and hip-hop. ;)
MAGGIE: ok… i dont feel so alone :)
HOWARD: glad to know I’m not the only one here!!!
MAGGIE: i smell a support group…or is that more 12 step country?
HOWARD: support groups are for where there is a problem. I see no problem here. ;)
MAGGIE: the first rule of oddball music taste club is you do not talk about oddball music taste club!

And yes, I am well aware, I’m breaking the first rule. However, we’re all friends here, right? You won’t tell anybody. It’s not like many people ever come here to my blog, in this little corner of the Internet. It takes a special kind of person to even find me, and an even more special kind of person to grok what I’m casting.

It’s just us weirdoes now, and you can tell me. You’re safe here. You’re among friends… You like it odd too, dontcha?

The second rule about Oddball Music Taste Club, if this is your first time, you gotta share.

The third rule is, rules were made to be broken. Of course, if people don’t share oddball music with each other, then Oddball Music Taste Club ceases to exist. It’s all up to you. You wouldn’t let us down, would you? We’re counting on you to help make this a “thing” whatever that is. Just don’t tell anybody cuz that’s like the first rule..

Here’s Howard’s suggestion. An oldie but a goodie by Denis Leary.

And the following link is Maggie’s initial contribution. Almost anything involving alcohol will probably work.

What qualifies as oddball music? Well it’s hard to day. Hair metal? Hip Hop? Alternative Rock? Motown? Horror Movies? One’s trash is another’s treasure, but perhaps oddball music is a little of both. And what might be awry for you may be alright for others. I guess we’ll figure that out as we go along, if we go anywhere. This could stop right here. If it doesn’t, there might be some general consensus going on, but this isn’t exactly a democracy either. If you happen across music you find odd, for whatever reason, share it with others like yourself who are also odd. Maybe we’re not all odd in the same way.

Try to keep your contributions eclectic and fresh. Forcing more than two songs of the same kind might annoy most people. Variety is the spice of life. For example, I agree that a lot of industrial music is rather odd, but that doesn’t mean I want to listen to over half an hour of it.

We hope to expand upon this idea as time allows. Who is this “we”? Well that may depend partly on you. You can make suggestions below in the comments. I’m not sure if wordpress allows links or embedded vids below. Maybe just describe it and we’ll see if we can find it online for future installments of Oddball Music Taste Club. And welcome aboard.