In a recent post to this blog I reviewed Richard Feynman’s lecture of the Scientific Method; how if a guess cannot be affirmed using observation and experimentation, it is wrong. It doesn’t matter who said it or where it comes from, if a guess can’t hold up to scientific scrutiny, it’s wrong. Maybe we can’t prove a guess to be one hundred percent right, but we can determine what is more or less likely to be real and true based on rational scientific investigation and a sober mind free of false beliefs and misleading irrational thought processes.

In previous posts to this blog I’ve explained at length how genetics has proven the guess of Abrahamics to be wrong. Abrahamics claims that a woman was made from man, that this woman then committed the first sin, and because of this blemish on a god’s creation, all human beings fall short of the glory of their creator and will be punished for eternity unless they seek forgiveness and salvation from their creator. This Original Sin allegedly happened less than ten thousand years ago, and it was the fault of the female gender, whom god made by taking out a piece of the man and making woman.

However, genetics has proven this to be impossible. The female gender has two X chromosomes. The male gender has one X and one Y chromosome. When observed and studied scientifically, it’s evident that the Y chromosome is a truncated and altered X chromosome. There is no scenario in which there were ever creatures with two Y chromosomes. The XY is an aberration or extension of the XX. This means the female gender happened BEFORE the male gender. This aberration of gender happened long before the homo sapien species was “created.”

Furthermore, even though “creation” is a guess that has no scientific validity or evidence, the theory of “evolution” has plenty of evidence available through multiple scientific disciplines including but not limited to genetics, anthropology, archaeology, biology, botany, anatomy, chemistry, etc.

The theory of evolution IS just a theory. Just like the theory of gravity is JUST a theory. Newton didn’t get gravity down perfectly when he came up with his findings centuries ago, and we may still not understand gravity to the fullest extent possible. We may never fully understand gravity. However, just cuz we don’t understand it completely, that doesn’t mean we must be completely wrong, and gravity is actually caused by tiny fairies holding us to the Earth when we’re not looking.

What’s less likely? What’s more likely? What ideas can we reconcile given the evidence? What ideas must we abandon because they simply lack evidence? What only works via faith, and what still works even after we doubt it?

Rational application of science is a crucible. We must throw EVERYTHING into it and what doesn’t survive the fire must be relegated to myth. Mankind can’t survive it if keeps clinging to faith over facts, and feelings over thought.

It is possible we don’t have evolution down perfectly. Even creationists sometimes acknowledge the growing mountain of evidence supporting micro evolution but claim that “macro-evolution” is something that can’t be proven in one lifetime so it can’t be more than a myth. This is again proved wrong. Through multiple disciplines of science, we can piece together a picture of how mankind EVOLVED and was not magically CREATED by some Creator. Still others insist that if evolution is how we were created, that this process still must have been guided by a Creator. They can’t fathom that their ancient dogma is wrong. What is more likely, is that the dogma they cling to was written by men who made guesses long ago and then used violence and the threat of violence to force their will on others, because sometimes reality just didn’t coincide with how they wanted their world to behave.

I’ve heard this before but just happened upon a link recently that reminded me of it. What I’m about to share is JUST ONE EXAMPLE. And of course Islamic apologists already have explanations for why this is true in spite of the evidence, and this one example does not perhaps completely dismiss all the wisdom of their ancient texts. However, I feel that in this one example, we can find evidence that proves which is more likely: is the Quran the word of an inerrant Creator, or is it just influential men who manipulated others into believing their skewed and ignorant view of the world?

There is a verse in the Quran 025.053 which is used by many Muslims to claim that it is impossible to combine freshwater with saltwater. Even after you demonstrate through experimentation that it IS possible to combine freshwater with saltwater, they will believe their Quran over scientific experimentation, because to do otherwise is to deny their faith in their Creator. Some look at this and tell themselves well okay the Quran is wrong here but it’s right everywhere else (until someone finds yet another passage that does not hold up under close scrutiny). You can nitpick at the Quran all you want, but a Believer might be forced to attempt to reconcile this one verse, but the SYMBOL, what the Quran represents to them in an abstract way, is stronger in their minds than any one piece of the puzzle that is their Quran. It holds up because they believe in the inerrancy of their god and their god’s book. Faith overrides fact, in their minds, provided it’s faith in their god and not faith in some other false god.

What is more likely?

Would an inerrant god put errant falsehoods inside his inerrant word to test your faith, or is it not more likely that these ancient books were written long ago by mere men who observed the world around them, felt inspired by their beliefs, and imagined what they knew about the universe to be perfect and absolute? Or maybe they KNEW they were not going to be able to write perfection into the Quran, but they told their followers it was perfect anyway, and anyone who challenged the perfection of their god simply faced violence or the threat of violence when reality would not reconcile with their description of the universe?

I’ve faced many a Muslim who insists their Quran is scientific evidence and it gets many things right that scientists now accept but centuries ago Muhammad and his assistance could not have possibly known without divine intervention. However, it also gets many things wrong. They accentuate the positive and delineate the negative, and they pretend that what is less likely is actually more likely, cuz the alternative would be to accept that the Quran can’t possibly be inerrant.

IT HAS ERRORS and yet what the Quran MEANS to them is more important to them. They can’t imagine living in a world where their Quran, their Allah, is not perfect. Some of them would rather die than accept the fact they already do live in a world in which their Allah is not only imperfect, but incapable of existing as described in the Quran.

And yet the water still flows. Yet fresh water and salt water do still mix. Seas turn into clouds which turn into rain which cover mountains and turn into rivers and seas again. The Quran may have described this. The Bible may have described this. It may have gotten that right.

The Quran claims fresh water can’t mix with salt water – that Allah never allows it. And yet it happens.

The Torah didn’t get Eve right. It didn’t get Original Sin right. Without Eve you simply do not have a valid Creation myth in Abrahamics. Women were not the cause of god cursing humanity. All the dogma that treats women as second-rate citizens is null and void. There’s no rational reason for any of it, cuz EVE NEVER WAS.

You can claim your delusion’s ancient books are inerrant, but if I find ONE flaw, that proves your belief to be WRONG. There are several errors. I only needed one. That makes Abrahamics irrelevant.

And yet the pope still amazes millions every day with his words based on faulty information. Yet entire groups of extremist Muslims threaten with violence each and every day. Yet televangelists continue to swindle little old ladies of their life savings in the name of a delusion, because belief in lies makes them feel better.

The world of Man is overflowing with madness as powerful as water. It’s like a storm of lies that turns into an ocean of lies that turns into a storm of lies and nothing seems able to save mankind from itself.

I don’t want you to believe in these words. I want you to doubt them, and doubt your own. Most importantly you should doubt the words of people from a long time ago who couldn’t even tell that when you mix freshwater with salt water, they DO mix, and when you blame all people for the actions of one ancestor, you’re mentally disturbed. You may feel your faith is as powerful as storms and oceans, but as long as there have been Believers, there have also been doubters. You can try to kill us if you want, but we keep coming back. We will continue to keep coming back.

It’s just rain.