I haven’t checked yet, as I write these words, to see how successful the suits in Austin are at pretending to do The Will of the People, but today is the day yet another extended session of state senate allows Texas Governor Rick Perry and his cronies to try and push through legislation to weasel their way into the ultimate goal: voting on behalf of the unborn. 

This isn’t about protecting the unborn. Some politicians want the law to grant them an illusion that they speak on behalf of people who don’t legally exist yet. They want to give “personhood” to fetuses so that they can have the power to speak on behalf of potential life. This is criminal, and it’s obscene. Old men in suits are pulling on people’s heart strings to invent power, when scientific investigation simply does not hold up to the claims. A fetus is not self-sustaining and viable at 24 weeks, much less 20. That doesn’t matter to people who invent reality inside the minds of the gullible, at the expense of actual tangible reality.

Abortion is a horrible thing. No one should have to endure it, but abortion happens both naturally and artificially. It is a fact of life. It’s not something we can prevent.

The bottom line is simple: a woman should have the power to decide what happens inside her body. Period. Full stop. End of Argument. If men could have babies, this wouldn’t even be up for debate.

Old rich white men hate that only individual women should make this decision, because it means they can’t have the absolute power that Woman has wielded since before the first homo sapien evolved: the power over life itself. 

These old men in suits will probably be successful of course, and there will be women who will thank these cretins for taking power away from them. How do you think they got where they are? A change is gonna come, though. You can feel it in the wind.