(Happy Cinco de Mayo by the way)

“How can you still be moral if you don’t believe in (my) God?”

How can you be moral if you do?

Have you even read that book you prize so highly? Or do you just use it as a prop and only break it open when one of your religious scholars tell you to do so? You crack it open to the page and verse that he says, and then you listen for twenty minutes while he reads that passage out loud to you, and then rambles on about what he thinks it means. Do you read it for yourself? Haven’t you ever wondered about the parts your religious scholars don’t point out to you?

As I’ve said before, of the ten commandments, modern judicial law only says two of the ten are still a command. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not kill. A third commandment, ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness’ is technically only against the law if you lie to a judge (perjury), or sometimes the police (obstruction of justice). Then there’s libel and slander, but it starts getting complicated, and ‘bearing false witness’ is pretty broad and oversimplified for an entity that’s supposed to be omnipotent and omniscient.

The other commandments are mostly just good advice. Obey your parents. Don’t keep up with the neighbors (coveting). Take a break once a week (sabbath). Don’t have sex with someone else’s spouse. Then there’s the commandments that reveal the Abrahamic god to be rather reactionary. Don’t put other gods before him? How can you do that if your god is the only One True God? Don’t make any images of god and heaven. Really? He doesn’t like to be photographed or sculpted. Self-conscious maybe? Don’t take His name in vain. Which one? The One True God has so many names and faces and non-faces.. “For I am a jealous god..” Isn’t jealousy one of The Seven Deadly Sins? Don’t even get me started on those puppies.

Why would an omnipotent, omniscient god exhibit such human characteristics, unless he was made up by human beings? WHY are we even still having this argument? Why is it not dead obvious to every single human being on this planet? We made god up. We needed an explanation of why we were here, the universe wasn’t providing one to us without work, so someone somewhere convinced a group of people that he knew the “truth” and he told them a story, and they told their children, and it grew into Abrahamics. Like a virus in society. Like worms in the brains of everyone I know. Even people who don’t believe are affected by this.

Ever heard of “The Game“? Well. Now you have. It works like that. Once it’s in your head, you find yourself every now and then wasting precious biochemical neuron energy addressing it, even if it’s just a passing thought. “Maybe something out there made me? Do I have proof? No. Let’s continue looking for an actual answer until we do.” That’s probably about what goes on briefly in the mind of someone who spent all their lives as an atheist and then is introduced to the possibility of gods, say after adolescence, that billions of people do believe in a god. They mostly ignore the concept cuz it’s rather shaky and ambiguous as answers to the universe’s questions go, especially given the lack of actual evidence. “The Bible tells me so” is SO not a good argument.

But let’s look at that book of yours shall we? It is objectively an interesting read. At least parts of it. Very difficult to go cover to cover but some have.

The Abrahamic god has killed more people than any other entity in that same book. More than Hitler or Stalin did. More than Jim Jones, Charles Manson, The Tzarnaev Brothers, and pretty much any other crazy stupid fuck in history you can imagine combined. And any deaths you can attribute to Satan in that book? Well, God made Satan right? And nothing happens without God’s will, right? So those deaths were His fault too. Weren’t they? Every death that has ever happened. God’s will, if you believe in one.

All that pain and misery and suffering throughout humankind’s history. God’s will. He works in mysterious ways and we can’t question his judgment. Well. I just did. So obviously, we can question his motives and reasons. We can question a god’s morality. And if we can question a god’s morality, we can ask if there is a god, how can he be moral? Does he believe in himself? Or does he get his morality (or lack thereof as the case appears to be) from somewhere else.

Why is it not MORE OBVIOUS to everyone that the universe is NOT dictated by the whims of some fantastical humanoid creature with emotions like jealousy? George Orwell once wrote a book called 1984 about a dystopian society in the future where thought itself was policed, and if you were caught harboring negative thoughts that did not coincide with acceptable thoughts determined by society, one was punished. One of the thoughts that were coerced into people by this Big Brother government was the idea that “two plus two equals five.” It obviously doesn’t, but one was forced to behave as if it did. Imagine a day at the Stock Exchange if that rule was carried out in reality. I remember reading that and trying to imagine how humanity could actually pull off such a mad concept. Planes would be made wrong and wouldn’t be able to fly, because on paper, engineers would be forced to design planes using that mathematical anomaly as a guiding premise. It’s simply not feasible.

However, that’s exactly what goes on every day, and has for the entire length and breadth of human society. Billions of people behave as if there is a Big Brother watching them, and he’s laid down guiding premises that can’t be proved, and yet people take them as laws of the land. Two plus two equals five.

Don’t kill, unless your god (that you can’t prove exists) says it’s okay. Don’t steal, unless you conquer lands that your god says to conquer and then the old testament goes into detail about how to dispose of the natives you find there. Slavery is not wholeheartedly condoned perhaps, but it’s not condemned either, and there’s places where it describes how to properly treat your slaves if you’re lucky enough to have them. Slavery is still a common practice in some parts of the world. It’s only a recent phenomenon in humanity to condemn indentured servitude, and it can crop back up again. Cuz deep down, some people still believe it’s acceptable, if their god warrants it.

Right now, as I type these words, Israel (a Jewish controlled sovereign nation) is attacking Syria (a Muslim controlled sovereign nation) and The United States of America (a Christian controlled sovereign nation) is threatening to intervene. Someone somewhere claimed to believe Syria used chemical weapons on Israel, but couldn’t prove it. It’s escalated to this.

How can I behave like a rational, sensible human being in today’s society, without believing in your god? I’m not seeing a whole heck of a lot of rational, sensible behavior from human beings that do.

You gotta ask yourself, if you believe in a god, where do you get your morals? Why haven’t you heard your god’s voice tell you to maim and kill yet? He’s said this to countless other people. Oh. THEY weren’t listening to YOUR god. Those crackpots musta been listening to YOUR god’s devil. Well. Guess what? That’s still your god’s will, if you’re right.

It’s much more sensible and rational to abandon that game entirely. Cuz the god hoax is a virus of the mind that’s eating away at humanity, and we need to “let go of childish things” and seek actual answers to the dilemmas that face humanity today, while there’s still a humanity left to save from itself. We need to stop having temper tantrums with ourselves. Killing each other, in the name of our One True Gods, has obviously not worked. It’s not gonna magically start working some time in the future. Quit doing that to yourself, mankind.

Honestly. Why are we still having this argument? It’s time to grow the fuck up.