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I originally wanted to post this to The Thinking Christian but he’s having technical issues. Or maybe if the post gets too long it gives an error. So I’ll just put it here instead.

The Thinking Christian posed the presumption: If You Believe Atheism Is True, Then Atheism Is False.

This right here is exactly why I am constantly telling both believers and skeptics alike that it is belief which is broken. One cannot win in this debate by dancing around the mulberry bush of faith. Cuz it’s circular (il)logic. “if you believe in #atheism then you must have faith.”

So. I don’t.

Maybe your god exists. Prove it does. Can’t do that? Then I have no REASON to BELIEVE you. Let’s move on, shall we?

No? You still want to drag your god behind us? Very well.

I accept things tentatively, but even gravity is relative, as Einstein proved after Newton. And perhaps tomorrow someone will come up with legitimate arguments for why Einstein’s full of parrot droppings.

I don’t believe in atheism. I find it evident, given science, history, literature, humanities, sociology, and a host of other stuff. Now ALL THIS other stuff might be wrong, but it’s far more likely that some ancient texts written by ignorant men thousands of years ago are wrong than the sum of human knowledge today is wrong.

Still dragging your god behind us? Very well.

Thousands of years from now, human beings will look back on what people believe today and scoff or laugh. However, it’s slightly more likely they won’t laugh at everything we know. Some of what we have learned through the scientific method may survive the ages, provided we didn’t screw up.

Gods come and go through history. We have cast some aside only to pick up others, or rename others and pretend they’re not the same ones until it suits our fancy.

The Islamic, Jewish, and Christian gods are really just names for the same monotheistic creator. So what are they all arguing about? It’s how each of them perceive the same creator that is the problem, when objectively speaking none of these guys have ever seen their creator to begin with, so again, what are they still arguing about?

Still want that old carcass dragging behind us? Alright.

Prior to the monotheistic Abrahamic god, there were all kinds of polytheistic gods based loosely off the “wanderers” we witnessed in the night’s sky. Those gods came and went in history. However, the sun, the moon, the planets, and and stars are still there. We just know now that they aren’t gods, or that they aren’t things created by gods. We understand now what stars are, how solar systems form, and even how the moon influences the tides. We don’t need gods to fill in the blanks anymore.

There’s still much we don’t know, but we do know your baggage had nothing to do with it. We’ve already dismissed your gods, and yet you still insist on dragging them behind us.

Science does not answer everything. It probably never will answer everything. However, the computer you are probably reading this from right now was created not by prayer or by sacrificing a goat. The design and construction of every household appliance or other man made device you have ever perhaps used from a garden hoe to an iphone is based on sound scientific principles, not blind faith.

Alchemy was once perceived as a “science” that among other things sought to turn lead into gold via sacred divine or mystic prowess. It failed miserably. Today, we understand what makes a lead atom and what makes a gold atom. We can even theorize how to take lead and turn it into gold. We don’t actually do this cuz it’s cost prohibitive. It would take more money and resources to turn lead into gold than it would be worth doing. There is no profit in it, but we understand what it would actually take. We can make more money from a wind turbine or an internal combustion engine, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

“God” is not the right answer to any pertinent question. We have known this for centuries. Yet, some human beings continue to insist that’s the answer on the test of life. The test always comes back with an F and people have the gall to still act surprised. Your god is not the answer to anything, no matter how many times you try to pass it off as the answer. We’ve proven that countless times. Every time you take a pill instead of praying to Allah (or whatever) for your aches and pains, you are proving that you don’t really believe in a god.

I say we quit dragging gods with us. Myths seen as anything more than entertaining literature slow us down.

I don’t believe myths are literal fiction. It is evident. Prove me wrong. Prove that baggage you carry behind us isn’t slowing us down.

Can’t? Then. Again. I have no reason to believe you.

Why are we still arguing about this?

If you believe in anything, you are slowing mankind down.