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I was gonna post the following to the comment section of this Huffington Post article about how people are still freaking out that Richard Dawkins admits to being an agnostic. They think that means he can’t be an atheist, which is par for the course of ignorance. As I composed the beast below it got too big for just a simple comment, and then I noticed the HuffPost article in question is kinda old. I figured I’d rather put these words here than there. HuffPost has this thing about “screening” everything I post anyway which is fucking annoying.

And I am by no means a blind follower of Richard Dawkins. I haven’t even read any of his books. I feel uncomfortable buying any of his stuff, cuz frankly I don’t see much difference in him hawking his wares and Deepak Chopra tooting his horn. Granted, Dawkins happens to piss me off slightly less often than Chopra does, but is that reason enough to fall for Dawkins’ rhetoric and cough up some dough? If I had the dough to cough up, maybe. I’m a poor waif of a man. I can’t afford to be duped even when I wouldn’t mind it so much.

Anyway, here’s me trying to make a point and once again failing miserably:

I’m not angry at a Believer’s god. I have no emotional investment in someone else’s imaginary friends. I’m frustrated at a Believer’s brain, cuz their god does not exist outside that brain, and endeavoring to get them to see what’s right behind their own noses is pretty freaking frustrating.

How do I know your god doesn’t exist, if you believe in one but can’t prove it? Do you honestly have to ask that question? If you can’t prove your own god, I have no reason to believe in it, and neither do you. AFTER you can prove something, THEN you can believe in it all you want. It’s kinda pointless to, cuz you already KNOW, but knock yourself out.


For like the billionth time. You can be both an agnostic and an atheist. They are not polar opposites. Gnosticism is about knowing. Theism is about believing. A gnostic is under the illusion that knowledge is gained not by scientific investigation, but is gleaned supernaturally from within and guided by forces of good and evil. Yes I’m aware it’s WAY more complicated than that, but this is already too long. Go look it up yourself. Essentially being a gnostic is not even an exact opposite of being agnostic, cuz an agnostic doesn’t know, doesn’t pretend to know, and doesn’t think you can find out inherently or perhaps we’ll never truly know at all no matter what.

Being a theist means you believe. What you believe ultimately doesn’t matter cuz you can’t prove it. Believing is not locked in with knowing. You can know but not believe. You can know AND believe. You can not know and not believe. You can do all this while standing on your head and the world still spins. Being atheist means you don’t believe. Whether or not you think you know is tangential to whether or not you believe it. Sometimes belief and knowledge may coincidentally be related, but it’s not necessary.

Many confuse belief with knowledge. Particularly gnostics and believers. They think it’s essentially the same thing. They invent their own reality or they read about someone else’s subjective perception of reality and they adopt it, and then when actual reality happens tangentially to disagree with their perceived reality they have a cow. Surprise! What’s inside your head has no bearing on actual objective reality.


I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in your god cuz you can’t prove your god. I don’t know if something you might mistaken for a god happens to exist anyway. Aliens could land on the rose garden outside the White House tomorrow and if you happened to like their spunk you might rush over there and bow to them. You might not. I’m not you.

Was the universe created by some kind of Creator? Science does not confirm or deny this, but the current evidence leans away from The Abrahamic God or anything remotely like it. Doesn’t completely rule it out, but the odds are so bad, no one in their right mind would lay significant money on it at Las Vegas unless they know the table’s rigged.

I. Don’t. Know. That does NOT mean your god magically did it. You can’t prove your own god, so even if some day we happen across the Universe’s actual Creator, and you claim that guy is your god, YOU. ARE. STILL. WRONG. Why? Cuz you can’t prove its existence NOW. At best you had a lucky guess. Means nothing.

I’m both an atheist and an agnostic, but I live my life as if YOUR god doesn’t exist. I will continue to do so cuz you can’t prove jack squat.

This does not mean I’m gonna burn in your hell, cuz you can’t prove that exists either. So your threats to that effect are empty and kinda disturbing that you’d WANT me to suffer in your imagined torture chamber just cuz I’m calling your bluff.

If there IS an omnipotent, omniscient entity out there, it obviously doesn’t care if I believe in it or not, cuz it would need to come to me personally and set me straight. The bible (Torah, New Testament, Quran, Iliad, Book of Mormon, Dianetics, insert your fave here) doesn’t do that cuz it’s evident that book was written by ignorant men and not an omniscient god. The Absolute One True God alleged by mankind since it first threw stones at the moon is not interested in proving itself to me, and I’m not interested in giving an imaginary entity the benefit of the doubt.


You might believe. That’s theism. You might believe you know without proof. That’s gnosticism.

I doubt your god. That’s atheism. (not believing)

I don’t pretend to know how the universe got here. That’s agnosticism. (not knowing)

I know that your god doesn’t exist, not from some divine “gnosis”, but due to the basic fact you can’t prove your own god. That does not make me gnostic. It means I have common sense and you can’t trick me into believing your poppycock without proof.

Prove your god exists, or shut the fuck up. It’s really. that. simple.

If you’re still confused, “the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.” (DNA)