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Me know not what me say. Me is stupid. Me college drop out. Me got no brain cells to rub together. You keep me brains in mind as you read me words pushed next to each other so pretty. Me write goodly.

So Hillary Clinton recently went in front of some Congressional Committee to completely avoid setting the record straight about what happened in Benghazi and why we didn’t have enough protection for our fellow Americans and they died and whose fault is that and wasn’t that terrible and oh she hugged family members of the fallen and isn’t that tragic and sad and Hillary takes full responsibility but what does it matter now we shouldn’t blame people cuz what we should do is figure out what happened so it never happens again but it’s not Hillary’s fault even though she takes responsibility she doesn’t take blame and she didn’t micromanage her subordinates she just figured it’d get taken care of even though the congress cut the funding on the department in question so they really couldn’t afford the extra security anyway but we’re not looking to blame congress here are we oh no that’s just counter productive to me brain hurt me want to go bang me head against walls so me feel better.

Hillary Clinton made it clear she accepts full responsibility for Benghazi, but she also made it very unclear when she was asked to take the blame. There’s what she wants us to believe, and then there’s how she actually behaves, and how our state department behaves, how our military complex behaves, how our congress behaves, and our executive branch and there’s still detention centers away from American soil so the laws are different in how we detain some people. Oh, and a kid named Swartz is still dead. Cuz he thought people should be smarter. He thought everyone should have access to knowledge so we’d all be smarter. Can’t have that can we. me be dumb now. me not wanna go to jail or worse. me just bang head against walls. don’t shoot me.


We have armed terrorists. We have sold arms to many countries in the Middle East and around the world. Some of those weapons then later get turned on our own people. That’s our own government’s fault. Hillary Clinton knows that. The Joint Chiefs know that. The executive branch knows. Congress knows. Hell, if I know, then by now everyone on the planet has figured this out, cuz I’m pretty stupid and am usually the last to know anything. This has been going on since before the Iran Contra Affair of the Reagan administration. That’s just the first time they got caught, but it’s been going on awhile. It’s still happening.

Belief is not reality.

And I could be wrong. This could just be misinformation. Maybe the “revolutionaries” in all those countries around the Mediterranean Sea just made all those weapons out of whole cloth. Maybe they prayed really hard to their Santa Claus Allah and he magically put them in their stockings one Sunday morning. Maybe none of those guns have “made in USA” stamped on them. Maybe they all say “Made In China.”

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: a threatened attack involving guns is an act of terror.

terrorist_cartoonIt does not matter where the guns come from.

It does not matter who does the threatening or who is getting threatened or whether or not ideologies are involved.

Did the person violently provoke others? Did he use fear as a tool to get what he wanted? Then he is a terrorist, and he is committing terrorism.

This illusion, this BELIEF, that terrorism is different from other criminal behavior IS A LIE. It is a belief in a long line of bastardized viral thought processes that infect the collective conscious of not only America but all of humanity. It’s sick and depraved and disgusting and so long as people continue to believe in belief, this will continue to happen.

I don’t care if the guy was a greedy bastard with no ideology, or a religious zealot. His motivation does not matter to me. Either way, it is terrorism, and all terrorism is criminal. It’s not okay to use fear on your fellow man cuz you rationalize the end justifies the means. It’s not okay cuz you believe your beliefs are right and theirs are wrong. Fear as a tool to manipulate others is evil and wrong and dangerous and sick. We do it anyway. So do they. We don’t want them to do it but we want the freedom to do it to them, and they want the same exact thing. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this hypocrisy?

Setting terrorism as apart from other criminal behavior gives credence to their creed, and excuses their behavior.

Scary criminal behavior is scary. Whether it’s labelled terrorism or freedom fighting. Whether it’s called a war or a police action. Terrorist equals criminal. It does not equal revolutionary or freedom fighter. Criminal act is criminal. Violence equals violence. Violence IS violence. Violence begats violence.

Me so stupid. Me bang me head against walls some more.

And why do people believe there’s a difference? Because they’ve been told to believe there is. There’s no rationale for this. Often terrorists are accused of having religious fervor and outdated dogma backing up their behavior. So? Take away their imagined god and they’re just thugs. When you remove faith from the equation, terrorism is no different from a bank robbery or a serial killer or a kidnapping for ransom. It’s using fear to manipulate others into giving you what you think you want.

Were you threatened by a gun? That is an act of terror.

“Oh you are over simplifying it.” Yes. I am. You bet your damn ass I am. I don’t believe in the devils in your details. They do not exist.

What is important? Men have rationalized they have the right to usurp the unalienable rights of others.

This means the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as described by Thomas Jefferson and so many others, these rights are very, VERY alienable.
So either the founding fathers of this great nation were correct, and all men are created equal, and we are endowed by our Creator with certain basic rights to live free and seek to be happy, or violence is correct.

Which do you want to believe? Violence, or peace? If you want to believe in violence then I have nothing more to say to you that I wouldn’t say in italics while banging my head against a wall dressed up like Bizarro Superman.

I don’t believe in violence. Do you? Do your beliefs entertain violence? Do the ancient texts that describe your god speak of violence as an answer EVER to human solutions? Even metaphorically speaking? Does your god believe in violence? Does your god use violence on his own alleged Creation?

If you want to believe in peace, then come stand by me. I’d like to too. I want to believe in peace. I don’t, but I so very much want to believe in peace. I like the idea of peace, but, well, I hate to break it to you, but history is not on our side.

Either the violent history of mankind is a lie, or unalienable rights are, cuz unalienable rights are taken away from people every single day. The evidence throughout history is that unalienable rights are very alienable when put under threat of violence. In fact the only real reason we exercise freedoms inside the bubble of the United States of America is because we got a big military complex surrounding us that seeks to thwart the efforts of enemies both foreign and domestic from stripping us either intentionally or unwittingly of our basic fundamental rights of life and liberty.

I also don’t believe in unalienable rights. I used to. I used to believe in the constitution. Now I think it’s a great idea, and this country is a great social experiment, and we’re all lab rats and monkeys. Think it’s going well? Kinda hard to tell from inside the maze, but things aren’t looking very good from our vantage point.

Like peace, I like the idea of unalienable rights, and the constitution, but the evidence doesn’t seem to be supporting these ideas. Not if the only way to guarantee freedom is through constant vigilance and hundreds of thousands of armed citizens putting their bodies up like shields to protect us from religious zealots and greedy bastards and even our own gun happy fellow citizens who get a little carried away one night and shoot in the air to celebrate, or get mad at a household member and before they know it they’re shooting up a shopping mall or school or movie theater, cuz they just went a little postal there for a minute and ooh gee whiz i must be crazy. Sorry about the mess. Me so stupid with a gun. Me bang head against this thermonuclear warhead now. So sorry.
Our own people. Fellow Americans. We shouldn’t have to protect ourselves from ourselves. Really. But we do. Now we’re talking about armed guards inside our own schools. Really? Really? It’s really come to this. Cuz we’re so fucking stupid. We can’t control ourselves or each other. [btw there was an armed security guy at Columbine the day two students shot up that school. Arming teachers will not improve school security, but instead may increase the number of potential bullets whizzing by our kids’ heads.]

If we are going to have a global society of peace and tolerance, violence cannot continue to be a part of humanity. Not like this. The more people who continue to believe in violence, the further from peace we are, and will forever be.

And why really are we hating each other? Well, one person tries to manipulate another person. One person seeks to, in some way shape or form, remove the rights of life liberty and happiness from another individual. Could be a little thing or a big thing. Your way of life differs from mine and I got this list of do’s and dont’s (mostly dont’s) that I feel I must adhere to and I feel you must adhere to them too. And if you won’t listen to me and do as i say, I’ll aim this gun in your face or blow up some car bombs on your family. Maybe picket your funerals and kill some gynecologists. Or I’ll just threaten your eternal soul in torment, maybe that’ll be enough to scare you into shaping up and flying right. MY right.

Or maybe the person has needs that aren’t being met. Maybe the person has a family and their needs are not being met. They use violence to try to take from others to provide for their own. I don’t condone this, and such redistribution of wealth has repeatedly, throughout history, been at best a temporary fix, and at worst a complete and total failure. This is not the answer either, yet people still use violence to accomplish this, because they must provide for their own.

Without the threat of violence, the needs of every single human being must be met. Freedom from fear. Freedom from want. Life, liberty, happiness. I don’t mean luxuries. I mean just the absolute basics like food, clothing, shelter, water…

A mother dehydrated her stepson recently. She’s currently being prosecuted for that. He was not doing what she wanted him to do. He was misbehaving. I guess she had tried everything else. She thought if she punished him by refusing him water, he would learn to behave and do as she asked. He did not learn to bow to her, and so she let him die. A mother denied her own son water. Here. In America. You don’t call that an act of terror? Am I oversimplifying now?

The needs of all humans must be met, regardless of beliefs. Despite beliefs. Beliefs are what is getting in our way.

My words are not going to make this happen. The needs of all humans will never be fully met. We will continue to get in each other’s way, and some humans will continue to use violence and the threat of fear of violence to manipulate other people into getting what they want at the expense of others. People will cry socialism or fascism or some other ism when other people try to provide needs to everybody, and we have already tried all these things and they do not work. Even capitalism leads to a haves-and-have-nots society that eventually gets top heavy. When you play the game Monopoly, if you ever get to the end, in the end one person owns the whole board. Nobody likes that guy, and everyone else is bored, and the game is over. When one person wins in capitalism and there’s a king of the hill, everyone else loses. That’s why we used to have anti-trust laws but those seem to have disappeared in recent years. I guess the current generation of leaders never played a game of Monopoly to its conclusion.

There is not an ISM that is going to accomplish peace and freedom for us. There is no answer. Not so long as any Great Ape can lift a rock or a bone in anger. As long as a single person in our society believes in violence, we will continue to fail each other. We all have to choose to stop believing in violence as a solution to problems. We have to stop pounding square pegs into round holes. Individually, each of us has to choose to stop hurting each other. Do you believe this can happen? I doubt it, but I guess you could say I have hope that I’m just a dummy, and I’m completely and totally wrong. Me so stupid.

Belief is broken.

Faith has failed us.

Faith has caused us to fail each other.

Please. Prove me wrong.