This morning a friend of mine was telling me about a recent trip to some casino out of state (Here in Texas we can’t have casinos cuz our state representatives are stupid fucks, but surrounding states are more than happy to take Texas money). My friend won hundreds of dollars and she was talking about how some of the machines have a pattern, and if you just observe these patterns, you can figure out when to bet just the minimum and when to bet a lot, and she won so who am I to argue with her theory. She didn’t keep going though, because she didn’t want to push her luck.

I explained that’s like my recent observation of Lance Armstrong. I explained that had he not gotten greedy, and stopped after a couple few Tour de France wins, maybe no one woulda been any the wiser, but cuz he had to win seven in a row, that caused too many people to question how someone could win that many in a row without cheating somehow. One or two wins and maybe a few extremists woulda looked into it but most people would have dismissed them as crackpots. Seven? He should quit while he was ahead, like my friend did.

My friend said, “well about Lance Armstrong. I think that was The Illuminati!” I laughed at that, but she went on. She has a working theory that everyone who has ever made something of themselves in this world didn’t do it alone. That someone somewhere in The Illuminati assisted them, and at some point it’s brought to their attention in a way where they have to keep it quiet. This is why no one’s ever come forward, at least no one anyone takes seriously. If someone tries to break this silence, The Illuminati simply pulls a few strings and their reputation sours overnight, so no one ever believes the actual truth.

Of course, she has no proof of any of this, but she sees the patterns. She used Lance Armstrong as an example. Maybe he wanted to stop at two or three but the Illuminati told him to keep going and once the lies started, he couldn’t stop them without incriminating himself, so he was forced to go along with it. And so long as he obeyed The Illuminati, they made sure his detractors would be distracted or disrespected in the media. However, each time Armstrong did something out of line, they’d let a detractor make an uncensored stink that Armstrong would have to try and control on his own, and of course his attempts would pale in comparison to The Illuminati which controls everything. Eventually he either stopped playing ball with The Illuminati which is why the allegations got louder until he had no choice but to come clean, years after the fact, now that he’s no longer one of their little golden boys.

Or maybe Oprah Winfrey’s needs are bigger than Lance’s and The Illuminati ordered Lance to come clean in front of Oprah so she would benefit from his fall from grace. Cuz obviously Oprah has been working with The Illuminati for decades. So has anyone anywhere who is anything in this world. The Illuminati makes and breaks people, and when we see them fall like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson or Lance Armstrong, it’s because they disobeyed somewhere and their fall in the public media is their punishment.

We talked about this for awhile, or I should say she did most of the talking. I mostly listened. We parted ways after awhile cuz we each had to get to work, but her words lingered with me until now. She doesn’t really have any evidence. She just has a theory, and it’s a theory I’ve heard many times in many different forms for many years.

The idea that Lance Armstrong did this to himself; that he made these choices and mistakes and successes and reaped the benefits of his actions as well as the punishments of his folly, that he did this on his own without any outside help from a more powerful third party.. it’s too much for us to believe. What seems to make more sense, when one looks at society in a bigger context, is that there’s some organization controlling and manipulating everything. If not a god, then some kind of secret organization. Things can’t possibly be happening just by luck. Someone has to be manipulating it. Someone must be hiding behind that curtain for Toto to run up to and pull to the side revealing the real Wizard of Oz.

There must be a Wizard. We don’t want to assume the alternative, cuz it makes even less sense. That all this is mundane. Lance really made the choices he did, and they led to success for awhile, but now he’s on his way down. It’s the rise and fall of these many celebrities over the years that seems to make people think there must be something more happening, cuz they do seem to follow a certain pattern.

And it’s not like I can disprove this theory. I can’t. There may very well be an Illuminati behind the scenes everywhere conducting the symphony of life. Prodding people to go in one direction or another for some Grand Design that only makes sense to the uninitiated after the fact. There may also be a god. There may also be a Bigfoot, leprechauns, aliens from other planets, and The Loch Ness Monster. EVERYTHING could be true. Any fantastical explanation you can conjure in your brain could very well be true. When we see patterns in the noise, we try to overlay those patterns onto the gaps in our knowledge, to see if they fit, if they tell us what we don’t know.

Sometimes this works. Many moons ago, scientists were hammering out the orbits of the planets then known to us at the time, but there was something wrong with these orbits that made them question their math. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus were moving in a way that didn’t make any sense. They were not orbiting the Sun in a perfect circle. They were more ovoid or elliptical in their orbits, and Uranus seemed to be playing by the beat of its own drum. Two different scientists in different parts of the world looked at the math, and concluded from what we did know, that in order for these numbers to be right, there must be yet another planet that we haven’t yet discovered, and they were able to use the math to pinpoint exactly where that planet would be in the night sky, if in fact all the math was right. Lo and behold when someone listened to their suggestions and pointed a telescope where they said to look, we found Neptune (named after the Roman god of the sea). So again, sometimes if you look at the patterns in the noise, you will see a god in the gaps.

And sometimes when you go to a casino, you’ll walk away with more money than when you started. However, most of the time, you won’t. Perhaps a casino purposefully lets some people win so their first few visits will be memorable, so they’ll want to come back to recapture that winning experience. Maybe that’s The Illuminati at work. Or maybe just a shrewd casino owner with no scruples and even less morals.

Maybe nothing controls the universe. Maybe something does. Maybe we’ll never know for sure, but what’s more likely? That an Illuminati set Lance Armstrong up just to watch him later fall, or that Lance got himself in this pickle and can’t get himself out?

Lance wanted to win in cycling badly, so he started juicing. Then he got cancer. He did what he had to, to fix that. Then he kept on juicing. Then he had to lie about juicing so he could keep competing. He did what he had to, in order to stay in the race. He did what he had to. He rationalized that everyone else is probably doing it. Then the little lies got bigger and the bigger lies got pregnant and had litters of lies and he did what he had to do. He kept lying whenever someone would seek the truth. He would ‘persuade’ people to keep his lie and help him cover it up and continue to juice and continue to falsify the drug tests cuz he did what he had to do. He didn’t wake up one morning swirling a mustache deciding to be evil. He believed the ends justified the means. He wanted to win cycling that badly, so he did what he felt he had to do.

I’m not excusing the behavior, but everyone pretty much does this. Everyone who succeeds anyway. Everyone does what is required of them to win. You either do that, or you’re a loser. If you hit an obstacle that you don’t want to overcome, you’re a loser if you don’t want to overcome it. Sometimes it’s better to be a loser than a winner, but of course you can’t convince other winners of this fact. Even if it means breaking a law or doing something unethical to a fellow participant or a complete stranger or it means taking away jobs from Americans cuz people in Swahili will do the same job for one tenth the cost and you really wanna sell more sneakers.. You will either do what you have to do to win, or you simply won’t win.

And sometimes a person wins free and clear and they never had to break any laws or do anything unethical, and so this is why we often assume when someone wins they won fair and square, unless we have reason to believe they were cheating. Well, some people will assume everyone is cheating, and they’ll look for evidence to confirm that fact. Most people though we really don’t care one way or the other.

When you look at Lance Armstrong, you might see a loser to who pretended for a time to be a winner. You might see a man who was a loser at doping and cycling, but has made up for that in his philanthropy and work on his charities, ignoring the fact that some philanthropists have a guilty conscience and want to give some of their profits back in order to alleviate some of the guilt.

When I see someone like Lance Armstrong, I see another, different gap that we can’t fill. How many others are there like Lance Armstrong, who just weren’t as hungry? How many get away with doping in sports all the time and never get caught? How many break the laws and get away with it? How many people don’t mind winning second or third place, or maybe they would just take first once or twice instead of seven times, and not consecutively. These people were also doping, but they weren’t bringing attention to themselves and maybe they have a better way of cheating at the urine tests, a way that is even more foolproof, and they don’t mind the Lance Armstrongs of the world cuz when those who insist on policing these stupid rules think they found someone, they might stop looking as hard for the rest of them.

Was Richard Nixon the first US President to use his executive powers and privileges to get a leg up against the loyal opposition? Of course not. He was simply the first one to get caught. They probably ALL do many underhanded things, that no one else would do, because they wanted the position so badly they simply did what needed to be done. And they’d do it again.

There are no angels or demons in humanity. There are people like you and me, and we are all equally capable of being angels or demons. We don’t need an Illuminati to do the deed for us. We are all more than capable of making the choices that will make or break our futures. We are our own angels and demons.