“11:57pm Dec 21st, NYC – Come together and sing John Lennon’s IMAGINE while Yoko Ono’s film IMAGINE PEACE plays on billboards in Times Square”


This is a gentleman by the name of Hank Green who wants to talk to you about gun violence. He will do so very soberly, with absolutely no profanity, and comparatively in a more controlled, less emotional manner than I have done below. What Mr. Green provides are facts. Not opinions. Not beliefs. This is what we have learned with regards to gun control in America, and how there is little to no evidence suggesting that legislation is improving the issue. Guns may not kill people, but if people have access to guns, the likelihood they will kill themselves or each other, goes up dramatically. This is not spinning the facts to fit my comfortable worldview. I used to be a believer in the Constitution. Believe me when I say, I do not come to this conclusion lightly, and it does not make me feel comfortable.

There are no winners here, and children are dying.

Now, to continue with the original blog that I posted here earlier today, unchanged beyond the edits my previous self is about to explain to you. Again, Merry Christmas. Have a safe and prosperous new year.

Before we begin let me just say an early draft of this utilized a lot of profanity. I have as an afterthought decided to try and cut them all out. I may not be successful. If I can’t reword it, I’m leaving it in. Just know that originally this was gonna be more “f*** you” and less “forget you” to steal a page from Ceelo Green. I’m self-censoring, cuz some of the people I would want to maybe read this, would be turned off by too many F***s and S***s. If there’s a dot dot dot or its in italics there used to be a curse word there. You can put them back in inside your own mind if you wish. In most cases the substitutions should be obvious.

I am very angry about all this stuff. So if you don’t like profanity or upset combinations of words, why ..are you still coming to my ..blog anyway? How many times do I have to warn you sometimes I use “language”? I don’t cuss this much in real life, really. Maybe I should start.

I’ve tried to contain myself and think about or look at other things, and I didn’t really wanna chime in with anything substantial about the latest in gun violence that has been escalating in recent years at least according to the news media so that it’s become passe and we’re all jaded about this by now and this is not something we should be ..getting used to but we are aren’t we? Why do you think I’m so upset? Cuz we’re getting used to violence in the news and we should not be getting used to this. We SO should not.

Fellow humans are talking about violence in the news like they do every single upsetting time and nothing’s getting done about it nothing significant is gonna get done about it cuz all you idiots keep going about this all wrong and you are causing me to be disagreeable. Either excrete your bodily wastes in a timely manner or get off the toilet seat. It’s all over the mentally numbing and socially degrading news and even though I don’t watch TV anymore, my regular online haunts are even talking about these recent events in the news involving violent behavior between human beings ad infinitum, and I can’t stand it anymore, everywhere I look it’s “oh isn’t this terrible” this and “you should be upset about” that it’s enough to make me wanna turn off my computer and go stick my head in a bottle.

I’ve been listening to people chiming in about the violent incident in Newtown CT at Sandy Hook Elementary school, and everybody’s playing the blame game. We go through this soul crushing routine every single repetitive time some lunatic shoots at people with a gun. Some blame gun control laws. We have too many. We don’t have enough. We don’t enforce the ones we do have. The laws we have are bad and we need to repeal them cuz they obviously don’t work. It’s enough to make my ears bleed.

Mike Huckabee says it’s cuz we don’t allow prayer in schools. Public schools should have the Abrahamic god wandering around the halls making sure nobody’s got guns unless “He” allows it to happen, and if “He” wants some lunatic to shoot up a school then it was “His” will and we should just accept that behavior from an unproved and imaginary deity. Yeah, like that’s worked for the past three thousand years let’s keep committing repetitive stupid behavior that obviously don’t work.

Some religious arrogant guy in a suit who pretends to be a gentleman named James Dobson blames homosexuality for what happened in Sandy Hook elementary school. No I’m not kidding.

Some people think we should arm the teachers. I kid you not. Better pay attention in class Johnny cuz even the substitutes are packin.’ I heard on the radio last night they’re talking about deputizing school faculty so they’ll be the equivalent of Air Marshals on airplanes. As if parents don’t have enough reasons already to home school their children. This may send a great deal more parents over the edge on that score.

The NRA of course wants to solve this problem with more guns. Why are people surprised this is their answer to everything? They make money selling more rifles. They’re not gonna start saying stop buying guns. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. If they happen to use our guns, that’s not our fault. GRRR! ARGH!

Now some crazy individual who happens to be female but to be fair may not be a dog named Charlotte Allen is saying all this happened cuz there weren’t enough men in the vicinity at the time and Sandy Hook Elementary has too many girls.

Blah blah blah blah blah. It makes me saddeningly sick to my rotund and grotesque stomach.

You wanna lay blame? You know why this happened? Some sick individual took his mother’s legally acquired gun, and he shot up a school with it. A man shot at children. He was a crazy annoying person who may or may not have a father, and things that can be compared to excrement in a metaphorical fashion happens.

You can’t blame it on PMS you idiot (if you happen to be that kind of person and if you’re not than this expletive was not intended for you so don’t take it personally), cuz it was a guy. You can’t blame any minorities, cuz he was a white guy. Why aren’t we now gonna start profiling every young white male? That’s what we did with black men and muslim men and every other crazy person who stood out from the crowd, except when white guys do this. There’s no racist stereotype you can hang a shingle on. Violence isn’t even unique to human beings. It’s not even unique to the Great Apes, or mammals, or the Animal Kingdom. Plant life uses poisons and thorns and there’s venus fly traps. LIVING CREATURES ARE VIOLENT. Even nonliving stuff is violent. Look at volcanoes and tsunami and avalanches. THE UNIVERSE IS A very very very DANGEROUS PLACE TO LIVE IN. You gonna make all those things that you can’t rationally make illegal illegal?

We are all either predator or prey. That how you want to live? Cuz that’s how we have been living. You wanna keep living like this? Feels good for you? Works for you, huh? You sick ..there may not be a better word in the dictionary for people like you if you’re one of them and if you’re not don’t take it personally.

What sets human beings apart from the rest of the animal kingdom AND even plant life and even a ..rock, WE CAN CHOOSE TO STOP BEHAVING VIOLENTLY. Some people do that. Some people don’t. We can stop being unusually thickheaded to each other. Some people prefer to give in to their baser instincts, and some of us prefer to share the planet without living in constant fear and hate.

THE WAR IS OVER. If you want it.

When John Lennon died cuz some sick person aimed a gun at him and believed he was doing the right thing pulling the trigger WE SHOULDA DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT BACK THEN! BACK BEFORE THEN! CUZ MAYBE JOHN LENNON WOULD STILL BE ALIVE IF WE’D DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BEFORE 1980! Or back in 1963 when JFK took a hit! WHY DIDN’T WE FIGURE THIS OUT BEFORE JOHN LENNON DIED??

John Lennon talked about this decades ago and you fellow human beings sharing this planet still don’t get it. You never got it. You’re never going to get it.

You know how to stop this behavior? Stop killing each other! That’s it!

There’s no magic legislation. There’s no miracle cure. There’s nothing anyone can say. There’s a choice that each and every human being on this planet must make, to place humanity as a whole above your own pesky nonsensical excuses for pulling that trigger or slicing that blade or whatever the heck you use to hurt other people.

There’s enough stuff on this planet and in this universe that wants to cause our extinction. WE DON’T NEED TO ..HELP IT! I don’t care about your excuses. I don’t care if you’re crazy, or your god says its okay, or your government needs these people to die so those people over there can live.. shut your pie holes all of you. There’s a hundred billion beliefs people have to kill each other. There’s only one thing that’s gonna stop you.

If you have a belief system that involves rationalizing the killing of other human beings, your belief system is flawed. You need to jettison it like yesterday. Like before yesterday. Like you shouldn’t even HAVE a belief system that says it’s okay EVER to kill human beings. And if you’re a officious boorish person forcing your unwarranted and unproved belief system on others giving other people a reason to kill you, well forget you too. Stop that. Whatever it is that’s making you a target for their bile, calm the heck down and have a cheeseburger.

…except for profanity and secular thought. You don’t get to use that as an excuse to kill me. No reason. Totally irrational decision on my part. I called it. NO tag backs!

The War is over. It’s been over. Humanity is top dog on the food chain right now, if you don’t count bacteria and viruses and.. well any animal that escapes from the zoo. Okay the war ain’t over with the universe but homo sapiens sapiens killed any other vaguely hairless ape thousands of years ago, and now what we’re doing is we’re fighting amongst ourselves, like a snake swallowing its own tail.

You have to want the war to be over. You have to want to stop being officious boorish people forcing your unwarranted and unproved belief systems on each other. And if you don’t wanna stop being an officious boorish person, I don’t know what else to say. Forget you. Take your gun and do something that is anatomically impossible without suspending the laws of physics with regards to yourself cuz I’m tired of putting up with your officious boorish and otherwise malevolent behavior. Your right to be an officious boorish person stops the second before you pull the trigger that’s aimed at my head. You can think about killing other people all you want, and you can go around carrying your semi automatic weapons like you’re all that, and pretend your bodily wastes don’t stink, but it’s belief that pulls that trigger and it’s doubt that stays your hand.

Try doubt.

Stop believing you have more a right to live than anyone else.

The war is with or without a doubt over. Stop fighting each other. What the fuck do you have to prove?

Oh, and have a very merry Christmas. Try not to be such assholes to each other. Love you.