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Again I feel it necessary to preface with a vain attempt at an “ADULT CONTENT” warning. I use profanity like some people use spices in their cooking. I use it for effect, and to bring out the flavor in the other words. Okay, the metaphor breaks down rather quickly, but if you’re offended by anything ever, i really don’t wanna be blogging for you anyway. Go watch reruns of Father Knows Best or something.

I shoulda made this list back in November so it could be here for you all holiday season long, but it’ll be here for ya next season, lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise. Right about now I rather imagine you’re probably sick to death of Christmas music. If you haven’t been all this time. Well, I haven’t forgotten about you bah humbuggers out there. In fact, I’m one of em. So here below is a list of “festive” music that ain’t really Xmassy. Stuff that should cleanse your palette of one too many First Noels and Silent Nights. I’m gonna try to some variety in the vids ahead while sticking with a kinda theme that will eventually become obvious to you, but there should be something here for everybody. You’re welcome. Merry Whatever You Celebrate.

Kristy Kruger’s What I Do

“a one two three four…” I used to try to describe what this woman does. A little bit of torch song and a little bit of Johnny Cash and a little bit of Tom Waits and a little bit of.. aw the heck with it. She’s good at what she does and every time i try to pin her down she flies in a different direction. She’s like an butterfly and I’m a puppy with a net in my mouth. You either dig what she does or you don’t. You should just love her. Here’s more of her. The world should just love her.

Rocket Girl’s Half Way There

This is another local artist I fell in love with back in the 1990s. You guys see a pattern emerging here? I’m a sucker for guitar girls. And banjos. And mandolins. And fiddles. Heck, I like girls and I like music, so if I can enjoy them both at the same time I call that heaven. I know the audio quality isn’t ideal here, but this a live recording that I feel is adorable even with its technical imperfections. It captures a moment in time like a haiku on acid. If you want something more Christmassy from Annie, here’s her singing her awesome song Lifes Blessings in a church with a ladies choir. Again, not ideal audio but the heart put into it rises above the imperfections. Just be patient and let it roll over you.

I forgot to mention that since this recording, the percussionist of Rocket Girl, aka April Samuels, had a battle with cancer. She kicked cancer’s ass. That’s a helluva woman, right there. (That’s a figure of speech. She’s actually very god-fearing and that’s cool.)

Halley Devestern’s Money Ain’t Time

Speaking of hellfire women (or women with powerful spirit, if that makes you more comfy), I have enjoyed this little ball of lightning since her first solo album Sugar Free which I still have around here somewhere. Halley Devestern is one of the few musical artists who has sung with The Holding Company, and stepped into Janis Joplin’s mighty big shoes. I have a special place in my heart reserved for this woman. In this video you can tell she’s been singing awhile and has taxed her body a bit, but where the flesh might be weak, the spirit is about to blow your socks off.

Annette Ducharme’s Tortured

Known in some circles simply as “Anet” this singer songwriter is a force to be reckoned with, whatever that means, and has written for other people you probably never heard of. She’s from Canada, if that helps you. From her repertoire, I tried to pick a song that was as far removed from Christmas as I could get. I think this song’s about sado-masochism but I wouldn’t know. *innocent look* Just pretend it’s about actual torture if that makes you feel any better. No seriously, my idea of torture is trying to fuck to country music. It just can’t be done. The ‘rhythm’ throws me off every time.

The Conlons’ Spinning Forward with Steve Pinkney

Was that last one a bit TOO “exactly not Christmassy” for ya? Sorry. I’ll bring it down for a bit with this tune that could be a festive winter solstice celebratory heart warming kiss but isn’t. I’ve been a fan of Annette and Doug Conlon since they fronted a local North Texas band called Eden Automatic back in the 90s. They have since moved on to greener pastures (aka California) and Annette has her own online radio show called NetteRadio which I strongly recommend with both of my ears and all my heart. With this video, be sure to watch for the happy accident that happens a bit after the two minute mark. That’s LIVE for you. Tho a mistake, it somehow makes the recording better for me. You’d never hear that on a slick produced album, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

Sonja Jevette’s Where Is My Love

“The bigger the cushion the sweeter the lovin.” I had trouble picking a favorite video that properly features this lady’s talents so if like me you can’t get enough of this walking hugging machine that can make a guitar SAAAAAAANG try her heart wrenching cover of Two of Us or a live set where she sings Big Girls and other songs, or just subscribe to her and tell her I sent ya.

Okay that’s it for now. Whatever you celebrate, do it with song. Hug someone nearby and keep each other warm throughout the winter months. Keep the fire burning all year round. Hugs and kisses love ya bunches.