After I posted my first installment of Xmasy music for this Xmasy season, @uppityfag over at Twitter asked for more suggestions for an office party: “Maybe Venetian Snares hit song Mutant Cunt Sniffer would put the office in the holiday spirit..”

Venetian Snares’ Mutant Cunt Sniffer

So I got to thinking maybe we could find other music along those lines to celebrate death and resurrection and more death and more resurrection and the occasional desire for brains. All to celebrate the cute little baby zombie Jesus. And armageddon. Tis the season after all, if you’re Mayan, anyway. And yes, I have resisted the urge with today’s installment to include Achmed The Dead Terrorist or anything from Nightmare Before Christmas cuz that’s too damn easy. You’re welcome. So without further a-doo-doo, here’s some deliciously evil xmasy music a-go-go!

Treypac’s Santa Claus was in the Grateful Dead

This song is based off a little known factoid that Santa Claus was actually in the Grateful Dead. He didn’t do anything. He just ate all the yellow MnMs and pissed off Jerry Garcia. Spoiler alert: the majority of this video consists of blank tape. I’m sure this was an artistic choice on the part of the.. uh, artist. If you play the silence backwards, you hear the dead spirit of Freddie Mercury asking you what you’re doing with your pathetic life.

Dead Milkmen’s Christmas Party

Yes. I’m this old. Fuck you.

Monster Magnet’s Dead Christmas

This one was a no brainer. When I decided to make a list of songs combining “Dead” and “Christmas” ..well duh. This band is from New Jersey and they been around since I was in (a non Jersey) college. This song is off their 1995 release Dopes to Infinity. If you’ve never heard of these guys before.. you’re welcome. Whoever made this video must be into some interesting drug combinations.

Soho Dolls’ Dead By Christmas

This band is from the UK, and they’ve been rocking since 2003. I’ve never heard of them before I did a search on YouTube. Not bad. Not great. Not gonna kill ya. Vocals, guitar, and keyboards. What more could you ask for? Well, bass. Drums, a horn section.. accordian.. more cowbell..

The Joy Formidable’s My Beerdrunk Soul is Sadder than a Hundred Dead Christmas Trees

From Wales. Been around since 2007. Another discovery by doing a search in YouTube for “Dead Christmas.” I’m not really this hip knowledgeable in music. I just fake it well. Ritzy Bryan is hot tho. I may need to look into this band some more. I like the sound.

MXPX’s Christmas Night Of The Living Dead

“The face is green and the snow is red.” Okay maybe not very creative but what do you want? Bach? Mozart? Fuck you. It’s punk rock. Crank it up and suck it up. Terrible video tho. Don’t you hate it when ppl just put up one pic for a YouTube video? No creativity whatsoever.

The Midnight Riders’ All I Want For Christmas

Fans of the video game “Left 4 Dead” have probably already heard this. If you aren’t and you haven’t, you are about to have your cherry popped.

For All Those Sleeping’s Maybe This Christmas

Upon first glance, this song may not appear to fit in with the rest of these songs, but give it a minute and listen to the lyrics. I’ve had relationships like this. I’ve also been other people’s “wish lists” before.

Wendell Ferguson’s Santa Claus is Dead

He’s not just sleeping. Don’t believe that crap.

Grateful Dead’s Run Run Rudolph

Anton Chekov once offered advice to aspiring playrights: “don’t introduce a gun on the stage unless you intend to fire it.” Likewise, one should never mention The Grateful Dead at the beginning of a list of songs like this unless you include The Actual Grateful Dead by the end of the show. So here ya go. The big finale. Don’t say I never got you nuthin’.

Is this the end of Wacky Zachie decking your halls with balls of holly? Or whatever? Probably not. December’s a long cold month, and there’s still plenty more Xmasy music where this came from. Feel free to make your own suggestions and they may or may not end up in a future installment, or perhaps your one song will inspire a host of others. You never can tell.