I sometimes see myself as, for the lack of a better word at the moment, a refugee. I don’t belong anywhere. I am exiled from my childhood home, and even the one place left for me to lay my weary head is being usurped constantly by people insisting on using feng shui on it or whatever. IT’S FINE THE WAY IT IS! LEAVE IT ALONE! I got nowhere else to go now. Stop cluttering up the last bastion of sanity in an otherwise insane mankind.

I was born into a southern baptist family, but at an early age I figured out being baptist was just not gonna be for me, so I thought I could be christian without being religious and ultimately i was wrong. So are any of you still trying to do that. I also figured after awhile when religion turned out to be what was full of crap, that i could still believe in the idea of a superior being, and still use my abrahamic upbringing to relate to it. The idea of god is so big, a human being needs some kind of filter to relate to it. This too turned out to be a bunch of bull pucky. It’s not just that man needs to anthropomorphize his gods. It’s that if there is such a thing as a divine god, it ain’t gonna look anything remotely anthropomorphic. So okay, can I just worship the universe? It’s bigger than me. It provides everything. Surely I can call THAT my god.

And that’s the most asinine, insane thing of all of them. By this point, you have generalized your god so much as to make it literally everything you will ever know. It’s an exercise in futility, but people still do this. Apparently, even people who claim to not believe in a god still believe in SOMETHING. And I just can’t anymore, because it is the act of belief that is childish, not just the choice of what to believe. There is no choice. There are no choices that don’t make human beings look stupid and inept in trying to relate to the universe. We cripple ourselves in trying to grasp it, by clinging to these ancient and archaic devices. Belief is a broken toy. Throw it away!

However, I appear to be alone in this realization. It’s not a belief. It’s a discovery that there are no beliefs. Beliefs are just man made constructs we invent in our minds to deal with the fact that despite our efforts to understand and relate to the universe, it continues to confound us and tell us pretty much what we don’t want to hear.

There is allegedly a new movement among the atheism community, if you can call it that. They call themselves Atheism Plus. This is after other failed attempts at this sort of madness like calling us “Brights” or “Rationalists” or “Secular Humanists” or “FreeThinkers” or whatever the fashionable phrase of the week might be. It’s an effort to prove to other Believers that Atheists are not just Non-Believers. They believe in stuff too. This somehow is gonna make Believers and Undecideds alike relate to those atheists and skeptics and other “none of the aboves” who tow this new movement’s line.

Let’s go over this again.

Atheism is not a belief. It’s not a religion. It doesn’t take faith to use. You only require doubt; NOTHING else.

Atheism is a doubt in your god. If you don’t have a god, then you’re done. Anything beyond this is not atheism. It’s something else.

Atheism is not a movement. It still exists even if there is no movement. Whenever people listen to religious poppycock and make a face like a puppy hearing a high pitched noise, atheism is there among them.

Adding the word “plus” to it doesn’t make it a movement. You are weakening the word. Cheapening it. Whether you wish to rail against homeopathy or faith based initiatives in politics or prayer in schools, trying to rally all atheists to your little lobbying interests makes all of us look just like the fools who believe in nonexistent deities or UFOs or flat earths or superstition or pretty much anything Penn & Teller made fun of a few years back in their Showtime series Bullshit.

Atheism Plus makes atheism look like more bullshit. You want to save the world? Go get your own banner. Leave this one alone.

No I don’t know who Jen McCreight is. I’m sure she’s a sweet lady. I’m sure she’s fun to sit and have a beer with. Talk about current events. Play foosball with. I dunno. Whatever. She’s wrong here and so is anyone who follows her down this path. I support women’s rights and I’m pro choice and I’ve had no problem in the past having a woman as my boss, but I’m also proudly a misogynistic male chauvinist pig and a womanizer when I wanna be. I don’t wolf whistle at ladies near construction sites but that’s cuz I don’t work in construction and I can’t whistle.

If she’s wanting to abuse atheism to push her feminist agenda, there’s already a feminist banner she can rally behind and abuse. Atheism ain’t about women’s rights. Just as it ain’t about anything other than the fact that despite thousands of years of human beings convincing each other there is, we have found NO evidence of a god, especially the detailed gods as depicted in ancient outdated and primitive texts, which by the way make my macho side look pretty tame and embarrassing.

Atheism Plus is just another lie, in a long line of lies human beings keep trying to pull over on each other. Stop lying to yourself, humanity. Are we crystal clear, or do i need to pull out charts and graphs or something?