Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog

Recently, Jim Henson’s family and friends took a public stand against the restaurant owners of Chik Fil A. The Jim Henson company had recently done some commercial work for the restaurant chain, but when Chik Fil A’s owners came forward publicly denouncing homosexuality, those who love and honor the memory of Jim Henson and his legacy could not quietly stand beside such ignorance and bigotry. They announced the profit they made from working with Chik Fil A will be donated to charities that support gay rights.

That’s what Jim would have wanted. I stand with Jim Henson. I stand with everyone who has ever loved and honored Jim Henson’s efforts.  I stand against hate and fear.

Hate and fear, two things that Henson’s creations have always drove off with love and laughter. There’s no rational explanation for being against homosexuality. There’s this book that claims the creator of the universe considers homosexuality an abomination. This same book describes women as inferior to men, supports indentured servitude of your enemies, and claims a woman was tricked into committing the first sinful act by listening to a talking snake. Okay. Sometimes talking snakes are possible, but only if it was a muppet.

If Henson taught us anything, it’s to fight fear and hate with love and laughter. Jim Henson was cool with gay people. Homophobes no longer have any excuses. I can say this. I am a homophobe. The battle is over. It’s time to put down your swords.

Homosexuality is not going anywhere. It’s two people in love in a universe that’s often cold and unforgiving. Why would anyone want to prevent two people from making each other happy? So what if it’s not your idea of love? So what if it’s not mine? It’s theirs. Let them have it. You have no right to strip them of happiness any more than they would have a right to strip you of your happiness. You can’t stop people from being gay, and if you believe your god wants you to do that, then your god is not a friend of mankind, cuz homosexuality has been around for thousands of years and no matter how much hate and fear you throw at it, nothing is going to change the fact that sometimes people fall in love with each other because they’re a loving person; not cuz they have a certain kind of reproductive organ between their legs.

Jim Henson’s work spoke of education over ignorance, and acceptance of diversity over exclusion of those who were different. So what if he was an idealistic dreamer? We need more people like that in this world. Jim Henson was a silly hippie. Fine. Say that all you want. He chose love over hate. Every. Single. Time. If you still harbor hate and fear for gay people, then he was a greater person than you. You can continue to be bitter, but you will not win this fight.

They are here. They are queer. Get over it. Get used to it.