“I care that people are not misled by what I believe to be baloney!”

This right here is why “rational minds” continue to lose this argument. You guys claim you think with rational minds, but then you talk about what you believe. Belief is not rational. Faith is not rational. So long as you guys continue using this language, you will continue to fail to convince Believers. Cuz they think your rational beliefs are just opinions, and no more relevant than how they feel. They can easily dismiss any feelings you have if they disagree w/their feelings.

You may believe the brain IS you, but that’s not what people like Deepak Chopra believe. They believe there’s something OUTSIDE the brain CONTROLLING it. That being a soul, and so long as you continue to talk in terms of belief, their opinion on this matter has the SAME weight as yours.

We have no evidence a soul exists. We DO have evidence a brain exists. We do have evidence that activity in the brain corresponds to behaviors of the body. We do not have any evidence that something outside the body is controlling the body itself, or sending messages to the brain from outside the body.

But if you talk about >>believing<< this evidence, then they can simply dismiss your evidence as easily as you dismiss their bible & dogma. It becomes a “he said/she said” argument and not a fact vs fiction debate.

I don’t believe in evidence. Evidence is whatever continues to be proven and accurate whether you believe in it or not. I don’t need to believe in evidence for it to be correct. I don’t believe in gravity, and yet it continues to hold me to this Earth. I don’t believe in medicine, but it has helped me out more often than prayer ever did.

Prayer didn’t work when I believed in it, and it still don’t work now that i don’t. Do you know what to call whatever continues to be wrong regardless of your belief in it? Religion. And what is religion? BELIEF.

If you claim to have a rational mind, it is absurd of you to continue to utilize belief. Belief is not rational. Stop believing in stuff. If you insist that you believe in science, after reading my words, you’re a part of the problem.