Oh my ears and whiskers.

I came across LogicWindow thanks to Matt_Dillahunty over at his Facebook page. He says the creator of the website insists it’s the real McCoy and not a satire. It’s pretty, I’ll grant it that much. Everyone else seems better at making WordPress look good I can’t seem to get a grip on it. My website looks stupid in comparison, but then I’m not trying to look like a corporate or political think tank. I’m just writing a blog about whatever I wanna write about at the time.

I note here that I’ve yet to criticize another person’s WordPress page before now. I’ve encountered plenty of WordPress pages that I enjoyed and made me think and in hindsight I should have brought attention to them, but they never caused me to want to ‘put pen to paper’ figuratively speaking. It’s not until I encounter one so counter-intuitive and absurd that I find myself bringing attention to it for how bad it is. I am aware I should be behaving in the opposite manner; ignoring WordPress pages that do not entertain or enlighten in a positive and uplifting manner. I should be illuminating great work and ignoring crap, but since my blog is crap, kinda by design really, it’s not like I have some lofty goals to live up to. However, when a website like LogicWindow gives the impression its trying to live up to some lofty purpose, I can’t help but find myself compelled to throw proverbial spitballs at it.

Reading LogicWindow reminds me of really bad movies that are spoofed by the MST3K alumni. It’s like a movie that thinks it’s great and completely fails to realize it’s so bad the only way to respond to it is to make fun of it. I can only stand to read a bit of it before splitting a gut. Here, I wanted to touch on a few thoughts after reading this Atheism page.

The first individuals to identify themselves as “atheist” appeared in the 18th century.

Okay.. right here is the first hint that it’s “The Real McCoy” and by people (person?) who completely miss the point about rational thought and secularism. Full disclosure here. I’m not a practicing secularist or rationalist. I fancy myself a jocular absurdist. Even so, I can value and respect these other views even if I don’t share them, and I can see when someone is trying to fake out others into thinking they’re being rational, when they’re actually not.

So how do we know the word “atheist” first appeared in the 18th century? Did the writer just pull this out of his ass or is there just cause to make that statement? The writer fails to cite any evidence to reinforce this claim, like every other sentence. He assumes you’ll just take his word for it. This is precisely why belief is broken. It’s why faith is abused and why I think people should stop using belief entirely. Notice this is my opinion. I did pull it out of my ass, but I’m not claiming my opinion first appeared in the 18th century or was chiseled in gold by the great goddess Narnunu during the Feast of the Severed Heads in Timbuktu.

I decided to try and look this up myself. Just where did atheist come from? According to Dictionary.Reference.com the word is derived from the French word athiste and dates back to the 1570s. There were atheists prior to the 18th century, and as is pointed out in the second paragraph..

The term atheism originated from the Greek ἄθεος (atheos), meaning “without god”. 

which just happens to be correct, though again no source is cited. The writer coulda just pulled that out of his ass too and happens by coincidence to be correct, but LogicWindow then goes on to say that atheism…

..is simply the absence or lack of belief in any existence of deities… god…

and if it stopped there that would be fine. However, it goes on to say atheism ALSO means the lack of belief in a…

creator.. supernatural events, after life, heaven, hell, demons, ghosts or spirit.

..and that’s wrong. Atheism is doubting spurious and outrageous claims which fail to prove gods exist. That’s it. All this other stuff is something else. Healthy skepticism includes all the above as well as sasquatch, nessie, the tooth fairy, santa claus, fairies stealing babies, cats stealing a baby’s breath, etc.

There are atheists who still believe this universe was created somehow. They just don’t call the Creator a “god” per se. I consider these guys more like deists than atheists personally, but to each his own. There ARE other explanations, mostly speculation since we don’t have much evidence to go on past the echo emanations that confirm the Big Bang actually happened. We can’t see what created The Big Bang cuz it appears to have occurred outside our known galaxy ..correcton: universe. Some atheists believe that whatever created this universe destroyed itself in the process of creating everything. That this universe is the result of some sort of cosmic death and rebirth of something that used to not be the universe but now is, and we are somehow a manifestation of that entity’s re imagining of itself. This is of course utter poppycock, but some atheists believe in the possibility, and yet still call themselves atheists. As is their prerogative. So atheism does not mean what LogicWindow claims it means.

There are atheists who believe in an after life of some sort. They just don’t think it involves gods as described by popular religions. There are atheists who still believe in the concept of souls, without proof, or supernatural events that they’ve personally experienced which they can’t explain. Some atheists are open to the possibility of psychic phenomena or extra sensory perception. Some atheists believe aliens have visited Earth. Some believe you can talk to the dead. They just don’t use monotheistic beliefs to explain away how any of this is possible. And some of these atheists who believe all these crazy things STILL deem themselves  rationalists and I am not fucking kidding.

So we’re not more than a few sentences into LogicWindow’s words on atheism, and we’ve already seen gigantic holes of unreason in this alleged attempt to thwart atheism. One cannot hope to disprove something when one can’t even understand what it is in the first place. I am tempted to continue tearing down the rest of this thing but i refrain, to make a point.

Oftentimes I have pointed out contradictions in the bible, and despite the fact I prove the bible is false multiple times, from creation to revelation, the best response I can get from a believer is to say something like that one little bit of the bible might be mistranslated or interpreted badly or we’re to take it figuratively not literally but that this is not sufficient to dismiss the entirety of the work itself. The christian bible/quran/tanak still has great wisdom and even tho we don’t do slavery anymore or stone people for working on Sundays and women are treated better than the /tanak/bible/quran says we should treat them and even though human blood sacrifice is bogus and virgin birth is baloney and miracles only happen in the minds of those who believe, i still can’t dismiss the entirety of religion just because every now and then stuff in the bible doesn’t add up.

The mission statement of Logic Window includes this phrase:

On top of that we’ll show you why atheism is as false and as dangerous as creationism.

Then you go to its atheism page, and i read down the whole thing, and it totally fails to show why atheism is false. It uses wild accusations and blatant assumptions which are false in a vain attempt to prove atheism false. It makes the spurious claim that being atheist means you must assume things about Nine Eleven and the Middle East which are totally unfounded and so laughable I won’t even bother to repeat them here.

LogicWindow fails to accomplish what it sets out to do regarding atheism. So I have no reason to believe it’s going to live up to its claims elsewhere.

And like LogicWindow, the ancient Abrahamic texts which are used to support Judaism, Christianity, and Islam totally fail on multiple occasions to live up to its own claims. Using the religion’s own source material to measure itself, it doesn’t measure up. And yet BILLIONS still believe. And nothing we say will change this blatant fail on the part of mankind. They claim to prove atheism wrong, and fail at every turn, yet still we are not to be trusted, and the blatant lies and delusions of religion are to be taken seriously, and people wonder why I’m an absurdist? Look around you. Absurdity is the only explanation that DOES make sense!

Scanning through The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible is a good place to start, but by all means don’t end your search there. Fact check and verify all you like. These are man made religions that do not deliver any gods to you; only the illusion that you need an omnipotent imaginary person in your life to tell you how to live.

The bible & quran do not fail the reader just once in a blue moon, but many times in many different ways. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, that doesn’t mean it’s worth anything. All LogicWindow does is fail to be a window on logic. If it’s meant to be the opinion of one person, then first off it should stop using “The Royal We” all over the place, and secondly it should stop pretending to be something that it’s not, just like any other belief system.