I haven’t stopped this project. I just can’t decide which joke I want to talk about next. I also have already noticed repetition here. Basically I’m just talking about what’s the premise and what’s the punchline. I need to delve deeper I think. Or maybe the opposite. Gene Perret’s Comedy Writing Workbook says just to list favorite jokes & reasons why. He didn’t intend for each joke to become its own blog post. Of course, he wrote his book before the invention of blog posts so maybe..

At any rate. I haven’t quit. Again. I wanna finish this project eventually. I have no suitable excuses for putting this off. I bought this book years ago and have never finished the darn thing. Today’s a holiday. Not a particularly important holiday especially for me a divorced male w/no girlfriend, but a holiday nonetheless. I’ll be back at this soon. Thanks for reading. All three of you. LOL!

In the mean time, while you wait for me to not be so slackful, here’s Stephen Fry talking about language. Not a joke, per se, but very thought provoking and amusing in its own right. Share and enjoy!