Turkey Day Twenty Nineteen

Wow. I haven’t posted anything to this page since last March?! I still don’t have much to say. Many years ago I used to be what we called a “diarist” or a “journaller” we had different names. Then it became “blogger” and then people just started making video logs so we all called each other vloggers I think or maybe that never caught on really I don’t know anymore. Somewhere along the way I’ve stopped putting my life online as if I was documenting myself for future generations. I realized maybe I should only post stuff I thought maybe other people found useful or entertaining or I dunno something.. the more I restricted myself to that the less I’d write, cuz after awhile it occurred to me there really isn’t anything special about what I have to say. The last several years I’ve found myself using Twitter more than anything else. Short bursts of succinct attempts at humor or illumination. A severe practice in brevity. I thought it would make me a better writer. Several years later and I think it’s only made me worse.

This post is just a place holder. Just putting something here to remind myself to put something better later, if I ever come up with anything. Hoping by posting something today this website doesn’t look like it’s still got cobwebs all over it. The previous post was something that interested me last March, but seems Callisto 6 is… well.. long story and it’s not mine to tell. Also, I don’t know most of the story, so I would be talking out of line. Anyway. I love Callisto 6 and everyone who was a part of it. I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m looking for a better paying job. I still have one at the moment but.. well that too is a long story and it may be mine to tell but I’d be better served keeping my mouth shut. Perhaps writing about my personal drama would make an interesting blog post to someone, but I’m in the middle of living it at the moment and it’s just dreadful so i’d rather not dwell on it right now. Perhaps this is why I never succeeded where others have flourished. I don’t know when to bleed on the page and when not to bleed.

My life in 2020 isn’t shaping up what I thought it was going to be, and I haven’t even started living it yet, but I’m glad to still be kicking. Frankly I hadn’t planned to live this long but now that I’m here i should perhaps try to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life such as it is.

I found this Covoco website that looks like it might help me find work as a voice actor, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but it asked for my website and.. guess this is it. I used to have a much more elaborate place to show off but that was years ago. Okay decades. Okay maybe it was never any better than what I have right now. Perhaps 2020 will bring opportunities to make this more than what it has become, or maybe this is still all I need. We shall see.